First College Roommate Horror Story

Nov 30, 2000

A roommate can be one of the biggest adjustments between high school and college. If you are anything like me, you had your own room your whole life. And now you were being thrust into a room with a total stranger and everyone expected that everything would be just fine. Well, for me things were not fine at all. Fighting was commonplace and I'm not just talking about verbal disagreements.

We got off on the wrong foot to begin when I arrived at the room and started putting away some of my clothes and noticed that every drawer was full of his stuff. I asked the reason for this and his response was, "Oh you needed those drawers, too?" That made me want to hit him in the head with a baseball bat 5 or 6 times. But restraint prevailed and the matter was cleared up.

Cleanliness and order was another issue that we did not see eye to eye on. I would not go so far as to say that I am a 'neat freak', but I definitely like a sense of order in my living area. My roommate was by far the dirtiest slob that I have ever met. Within a week of moving in his entire side of the room was covered in garbage, laundry, books, papers, and anything else you could think of. Within two weeks his mess had spread to my side. I asked him to clean up his stuff and he said that he would. About a week passed and nothing happened. So one day I just snapped and threw everything of his on my side of the room on his bed. That may not sound that bad, but some of this stuff included half-eaten sandwiches and half-full milk cartons. He made a comment about my rash actions and I could only reply that it never would have happened had he cleaned up.

I had to wake up every morning and go to ROTC physical training three times a week. On those days I would generally take a long nap in the afternoon. Generally I can sleep through just about anything as long as it's not too loud. Example: I can easily sleep with the TV on at normal volume. But he would come in and turn his stereo way up while I was napping. This didn't really bother me all that much except at night when I would be watching TV at an almost inaudible volume, he would complain.

He was also very big on borrowing items of clothing and not telling me about it. You see, he didn't really do his laundry very often and would frequently run out of clothes. I would see him wearing clothes that look remarkably like mine. The funniest thing is that he would deny it sometimes. As if he just coincidentally had a T-shirt with my high school logo on it. At first I thought he was joking, and then I realized that he actually did think I would believe what he was saying.

To say that my roommate and I were not a perfect match would be a gross understatement. After first semester we flipped a coin to see who would move out. He lost and then refused to move. Big mistake for both of us. I'll admit, I did some terrible things. Some of the events that took place second semester were: 6 physical fights, I threw his CD player out the window (we were on the 5th floor), he urinated on my laundry, I tossed a brick through his car window, he hit me with a golf club.

Why do I tell you all this? Well, no reason really. I just think it's an interesting story about how far things can go when two people don't like each other. Hope you liked it.

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