Harcourt Learning Direct-A School With Experience

Jan 9, 2001

Harcourt Learning Direct, formerly known as International Correspondence Schools, has been in the distance learning business for over 100 years. The school is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as an accrediting agency.Harcourt Learning Direct is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The school currently offers ten associate degree programs, 60 diploma programs, and one certificate program. All of the programs are self paced and can be completed without stepping foot on a college campus. The programs offered by Harcourt Learning Direct are in line with the needs of today's workforce.If a student has previous college credits, the advisors will review the student's transcript and may accept some or all of the credits. The cost of the programs at Harcourt Learning Direct is very competitive. When I was taking my classes from 1997-1999, the cost of the courses and all course materials were almost equal to course fees alone at my local community college.There were times when I became frustrated with the customer service at the school. At times they were slow to send out my next course materials or I would receive a bill for something I had already paid. However, I was always able to resolve these issues. Maybe that is just part of the educational process.I completed my associates degree in March 1999 and feel I received a quality education. I have been able to apply many of the things I learned to my current job.Anyone considering distance learning MUST have an enormous amount of self discipline. This will be the key to whether you succeed or fail!

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