What to get your college student for Christmas?

Nov 28, 2000

Your son or daughter went away to school, now itís Christmas time and you donít know what to get the child you havenít seen too much since August. Being a college student myself, I have composed a list of some things that most students would enjoy

Things for the room:

*The white wall may be kind of boring; wall hangings may be a nice gift, if you know your studentís interests well. Glow in the dark stars welcome, maybe even a string or two of Christmas lights. Donít forget the heavy-duty double-sided tape.
*A carpeted floor makes a room look and feel homely, even a cheap carpet from Wal-Mart is a nice accessory.
*If you student has a carpet s/he will need to vacuum occasionally, a small hand held vacuum is ideal, even if the hall provides one, it can be a pain in the butt to carry it up the stairs.
*A full length mirror is one thing female students miss most about home.
*Pets arenít allowed in dorms, except fish, who make good, low maintenance, friends and are often better to talk to than roommates.

Electronic Items:

*#1 If your student doesnít have a computer (and you have the money) s/he would be VERY happy to have one, laptops work too, then maybe youíll get email updates every once in a while.
*Printers (and paper, lots of paper) are also important, sometimes you just donít want to walk to the computer lab and wait around when finishing a paper at the last minute.
*A stereo, or good speakers on the computer is important when playing all the downloaded MP3s.
*CD burners are an item that many college students cherish.
*A disk-man with headphones is necessary when listening to music when the roommate sleeps or studies.
*Camera and film, itís a memorable time, let your student capture those memories, you may even get to see some of them.
*Answering machines are important as students are often outside their room or screening calls.
*TVs and VCRs help kill spare time.
*Microwaves are nice to have, but many resident halls donít allow them, check first.
*Another circuit breaker maybe needed to alleviate the need to switch plugs.


*Snacks!!! Chips, cookies, candy, microwave popcorn, all that good fattening stuff
*Ramen Noodles, the tasty noodles that microwave in just a few minutes
*Other soups and pastas. Itís often better out of a can than in the cafeteria. Just make sure your student has a can opener, although possible, it is hard to open beeferoni with a butter knife.
*Drinks: Soda and juice are best, milk has a tendency of spoiling, although it does go good with cereal and the cookies and chocolate you bought.

Small stuff broke students just donít feel like paying for:

*Air Freshener! Some how the buildings tend to stink, maybe itís the milk, maybe the Ramen noodles, whatever it is, it needs to be covered up
*Dish soap and scrubber for all the dishes sitting around for days (or semesters.)
*Paper towels, spills happen.
*Laundry detergent and quarters because the change machines like to break down, quarters can also be used for the vending machines.
*Tissues, with all the colds and break ups in the resident halls, it goes away quickly.
*Envelopes and stamps for sending letters to friends at different schools and maybe even home.
*Calling cards to keep the phone bill down.
*Gift certificates to video, book and music stores.

And the number one gift for all college students MONEY (the more the better)

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