Not Even the Moon is Far Enough Away...

Dec 18, 2000

I thought I wanted to get far, far away from home for school – but not too far! I grew up, basically all of my life, in a relatively small city (not a village or something extremely tiny, mind you) of sixty-thousand people. The school I went to had the same people I had been waking up and seeing for eight hours at a time for thirteen years. I was definitely ready for a change. Or so I thought.

I initially decided that going really far away from home wouldn’t just be terrifying, it would also be rather inconvenient. I wouldn’t be able to come home whenever I wanted to, and I wouldn't even be able to see anyone I knew, on even an inconsistent basis. Finally, I decided: far away … but not too far.

And, as luck would have it, I ended up applying and receiving admission to UCLA: the “perfect” candidate for a northern Californian looking to get “far enough” away from home. I jumped at the opportunity, mailed in my intent to attend and did all that fun stuff high school seniors are forced to do (jumping through hoops, standing on one’s head, etc.,).

A few months passed by, UCLA looking more and more appealing by the day (high school just isn’t the same with UCLA peeking in at you from the future) when the most unexpected, improbable, inconceivable event occurred. Well, I didn’t win the lottery (but you were close). I fell in love with the absolutely most amazing, talented, and beautiful woman I had ever been blessed enough to meet. And, of course, was she going to UCLA? No, she was staying up here in northern California.

Perfect. I had my mind all made up that I wanted to get as far away from home (as possible without having to do any laundry) and now I had all the more reason to stay close to home! This exact predicament may not fall upon the shoulders of every high school/college student in the world, but I can guarantee the fact that some sort of scruple just as mind-numbing and frustrating will chance upon the dreamy, nearly surreal future plans of the average (well, probably technically not-so-average) aspiring high school senior.

So here I sit, over four hundred miles away from the girl of my dreams, at the mercy of “planning for my future.” Sure, I’m getting the best education I could have ever dreamed of at UCLA, but I could be getting just as good of an education at UC Berkeley (which I was also admitted to but chose UCLA instead), where I would be able to see family, old high school friends, and – most importantly (but don’t tell my mom I said this) – my girlfriend. I wonder to myself, would I be happier? Probably. Would I have the same experiences I am having now? Definitely not. Is one scenario better than another? Most likely not; sure, I think it would be the best thing in the world to be able to be closer to the things I long for the most, but who knows, it might just work out better this way -- this is just something for a potential college student to think about.

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