You have to clean and communicate

Jan 8, 2001

I live with several different roommates through college and law school. If you are timid about bringing up issues with others, you will stew inside and feel like you are being screwed. So I recommend from the beginning that you outline what is okay and not okay with you and be consistent in communicating that, especially if problems occur. For example, if cleaning dishes is important to you, and you see that your roommate has left dirty dishes, point it out each time and ask that he or she please clean up. Do not wait until the end of the semester to say "I hate how you always leave dirty dishes." They will think, "If that was a problem for you, why didn't you bring it up before? You must not be mad about this really, so I can blow you off."

Another thing I also liked to do was make sure everyone split expenses. I put a chart on the refrigerator and whenever something was bought that needed to be split, I dated and noted the expense on the chart. This made accuracy easier and it kept it in the minds of my roommates that stuff needs to be paid off. Also, since it is sometimes awkward to ask for money, it made that problem that much easier.

Communicate and clean. The rest works out itself.

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