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Sanyo DP50842 50

Sanyo DP50842 50" LCD TV

LCD TV, 50 inch, Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, Aspect Ratio: 16:9, 14:9 Enhanced
  3 reviews
"Great TV, for the price, can't beat it..."
Reviewed by azpyroguy
I bought this TV to replace my 16 year old 60" Sony Projection (yes one of those monsters), which had long since migrated . . .
Audiovox F32648 32

Audiovox F32648 32" CRT Television

This Audiovox 32-inch TV is solid and exciting, and it is capable of delivering a clear picture and providing hours of fun. Casual viewers and folks ...
  2 reviews
"A lot of TV for little money!"
Reviewed by kavikas
Good buy, a lot of TV for a small budget.
Sanyo DP23625 23

Sanyo DP23625 23" 480p EDTV LCD Television

This silver Sanyo 23-inch TV is appealing, engulfing, and capable of bringing you hours of information and displaying a clear picture. Cherish the ...
  2 reviews
"Great LCD TV, exceptional picture and sound, Beautiful Looking"
Reviewed by obsedian
I bought this TV last year and it is by far the greatest TV I have seen. Simply AMAZING. From playing games to watching DVDs . . .
Sanyo DP42841 42

Sanyo DP42841 42" 1080p HD LCD Television

The Sanyo DP42841 is an LCD TV that boasts a 42-inch screen and a video resolution of 1080p in high definition that provides the ultimate home ...
Sanyo DP26671 26

Sanyo DP26671 26" 720p HD LCD Television

The Sanyo DP26671 is a multi-functional, 26-inch LCD TV which combines the functionality of a DVD player with high-definition video functionality. ...
Sanyo DP32242 LED LCD Television

Sanyo DP32242 LED LCD Television

The 60 Hz Sanyo 32 LED 720p HDTV,DP32242 with integrated ATSC Digital and NTSC Analog Tuner is the latest technology for the digital age. The digital ...
  1 review
"Sanyo Wide-Screen HDTV Model DP32242"
Reviewed by Howard_Creech
For the price I doubt you can do much better
Sanyo DP55441 55

Sanyo DP55441 55" 1080p HD LCD Television

The Sanyo DP55441 HD LCD TV offers widescreen viewing capabilities with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Many features are available on this Sanyo 55-inch ...
Sanyo DP32746 32

Sanyo DP32746 32" 720p HD LCD Television

The 32-inch LCD screen of the SANYO DP32746 allows you to experience a more immersive, theater-like picture. The high resolution of up to 1366x768 in ...
Reviewed by angelscry2
Don't buy this brand. TV only works until the warranty dies then you start to have problems!
Sanyo DP32647 32

Sanyo DP32647 32" 720p HD LCD Television

Enjoy high quality viewing experience with the Sanyo DP32647. With 16:9 aspect ratio, this Sanyo 32'' LCD television provides you with comfortable ...
  1 review
"A solid TV that works like a charm"
Reviewed by buckstar
Need anew TV and dont have tons of money to spend then you can't go wrong with this TV. Reliable and the quality is great.
Sanyo DP32649 32

Sanyo DP32649 32" 720p HD LCD Television

The SANYO DP32649 is a high-definition television with integrated ATSC Digital and NTSC analog tuner for enhanced signal reception. The aspect ratio ...
  2 reviews
"Good 32" LCD TV deal at Wal Mart !?!"
Reviewed by bigtruckseries
Most current 32" LCD HDTV's currently run over $400. I felt the Sanyo was a good Wal Mart closeout. LED-LCD technology upstages this model though.
Sanyo DP42848 42

Sanyo DP42848 42" 1080p HD LCD Television

The Sanyo DP42848 is a 42-inch television that features high-definition output. The unit delivers up to a 1920x1080-pixel resolution and accepts ...
  2 reviews
"My first flat screen & I'm Loving it!"
Reviewed by tinker900
Very pleased with the tv-Affordable & good quality what more can you ask fo.r
Sanyo DP50747 50

Sanyo DP50747 50" 720p HD Plasma Television

Enjoy sports, movies and your favorite television shows in life-like imagery with the Sanyo DP50747 50-inch television. This Sanyo Plasma television ...
  1 review
"Are we at the Movies?"
Reviewed by noslexa
For the price, I got a great TV!
Sanyo DP42849 42

Sanyo DP42849 42" 1080p HD LCD Television

Make a new sleek, ultra-slim addition to your home décor with the Sanyo DP42849. This thin Sanyo 42-inch television, with a small footprint and a ...
  8 reviews
"Sanyo TV"
Reviewed by jdukes09
This is one of the better televisions that I have bought in the last five years. I have owned other brands such as . . .
Sanyo DP26649 26

Sanyo DP26649 26" 720p HD LCD Television

The sight of the Sanyo DP26649 in your living-room will light up your day. This beautiful Sanyo flat panel LCD has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a ...
"Fine TV-great price"
Reviewed by cinci42
Purchased this TV for use while we walk on the treadmill. The picture quality is excellent with a high def. cable and after . . .
Sanyo DP46848 46

Sanyo DP46848 46" 1080p HD LCD Television

The Sanyo DP46848 with its 46-inch LCD widescreen will take you into a new world of entertainment. With the resolution as high as 1920 x 1080 pixels, ...
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