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Disney Cars 2 13 Television Less Than 25 Inches
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Craig CLC503 13

Craig CLC503 13" 720p HD LCD Television

Give yourself the ultimate viewing pleasure with the Craig CLC503. The built-in NTSC/ATSC digital tuner of this Craig 13-inch television gives you ...
Craig CLC501 15

Craig CLC501 15" 720p HD LCD Television

Bring home the Craig CLC501 television and enjoy true-to-life images while watching your favorite movies. This Craig LCD television lets you view ...
Craig CLC504 720p LCD Television

Craig CLC504 720p LCD Television

Craig Electronics' 19-Inch High Definition LCD Television features 720p LCD display and ATSC/NTSC system digital tuner on a wide screen flat panel.
Supersonic SC-1312 13.3

Supersonic SC-1312 13.3" 1080p HD LED LCD Television

The Supersonic SC-1312 13.3-inch 1080p HDTV LCD Television???s high dynamic contrast ratio reproduces high-definition movies in vibrant colors and ...

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Supersonic SC-1311 13.3

Supersonic SC-1311 13.3" 1080p HD LED LCD Television

With a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, the Supersonic SC-1311 ensures a stunning visual output. The 200cd/m brightness of this Supersonic 13.3-inch ...

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Disney C1312ATV 13

Disney C1312ATV 13" CRT Television

Designed to fit with a child or toddler in his or her car seat, the Disney C1312ATV is a small TV that is designed based on the Hollywood movie "Cars ...

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Naxa NT-301 4

Naxa NT-301 4" LCD Television

The Naxa NT-301 is a portable LCD TV designed to take on the go. It features a small and compact size, making it easy to take along while traveling ...
Craig CTV1703 7

Craig CTV1703 7" LCD Television

Carry a world of entertainment wherever you go, with the Craig CTV1703 portable LCD TV. This 7-inch Craig television also includes a DVD player so ...
Zenith B13A01L 9

Zenith B13A01L 9" Television

Capable of displaying crystal clear images and bringing you hours of amusement, this Zenith 9-inch TV is small and handy. This Zenith 9-inch TV is ...
Toshiba 13A20 13

Toshiba 13A20 13" CRT Television

A wonderful platform for watching your favorite television shows and catching up on the latest events, this Toshiba 13-inch TV is solid and ...
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"Picture This - Toshiba 13A20 13-inch TV"
Reviewed by bmcnichol
Good TV for the money.
Philips 13PR12 13

Philips 13PR12 13" CRT Television

The Philips 13PR12 is a CRT TV that boasts a 13-inch screen that is ideal for placing in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room as desired. The Philips ...
  3 reviews
"They need some more R&D"
Reviewed by jtreviews
I bought this tv on clearance from a large department store that begins with a big "K", but I won't mention who they are. . . .
Toshiba CZ13M21 13

Toshiba CZ13M21 13" CRT Television

The Toshiba CZ13M21 is a 13-inch television ideal for use in a dorm room or a child’s bedroom. This Toshiba 13-inch TV comes with a V-Chip parental ...
  1 review
"Great little t.v. for in the berroom"
Reviewed by P_A_T
I bought this t.v. for myself a few weeks ago and i found the picture quality quite outstanding for it's small and unappealing . . .
GE 13GP241 13

GE 13GP241 13" CRT Television

Watch your favorite TV programs on the 13-inch GE 13GP241 CRT television. Integrated with a TV tuner card, this GE 13-inch TV aids in the reception ...
  8 reviews
"Good value"
Reviewed by kebodz_42
Dollar for dollar it's hard to beat.
Panasonic CT-13R32 13

Panasonic CT-13R32 13" CRT Television

Attractive and reliable, this Panasonic 13-inch TV is a wonderful platform for watching your favorite television shows and catching up on the latest ...
Toshiba MD13M1 13

Toshiba MD13M1 13" CRT Television

Exciting and solid, this Toshiba 13-inch TV is a great selection for watching your favorite television shows and catching up on the latest events. ...
  1 review
"Great Combo Unit!"
Reviewed by larryw76
You want a small compact DVD player with TV? You got it! Nice touch: still usable without the remote if broken or lost (some units aren't!)
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