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Craig CLC503 13

Craig CLC503 13" 720p HD LCD Television

Give yourself the ultimate viewing pleasure with the Craig CLC503. The built-in NTSC/ATSC digital tuner of this Craig 13-inch television gives you ...
Craig CLC501 15

Craig CLC501 15" 720p HD LCD Television

Bring home the Craig CLC501 television and enjoy true-to-life images while watching your favorite movies. This Craig LCD television lets you view ...
Craig CLC504 720p LCD Television

Craig CLC504 720p LCD Television

Craig Electronics' 19-Inch High Definition LCD Television features 720p LCD display and ATSC/NTSC system digital tuner on a wide screen flat panel.
Supersonic SC-1312 13.3

Supersonic SC-1312 13.3" 1080p HD LED LCD Television

The Supersonic SC-1312 13.3-inch 1080p HDTV LCD Television???s high dynamic contrast ratio reproduces high-definition movies in vibrant colors and ...

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Supersonic SC-1311 13.3

Supersonic SC-1311 13.3" 1080p HD LED LCD Television

With a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, the Supersonic SC-1311 ensures a stunning visual output. The 200cd/m brightness of this Supersonic 13.3-inch ...

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Philips 13PR12 13

Philips 13PR12 13" CRT Television

The Philips 13PR12 is a CRT TV that boasts a 13-inch screen that is ideal for placing in a bedroom, kitchen, or living room as desired. The Philips ...
  3 reviews
"They need some more R&D"
Reviewed by jtreviews
I bought this tv on clearance from a large department store that begins with a big "K", but I won't mention who they are. . . .
GE 13GP341 13

GE 13GP341 13" CRT Television

Watch your favorite TV-shows and movies on the GE 13GP341 CRT television. The high-contrast tube of this GE 13-inch TV delivers images with crisp and ...
  3 reviews
"Great TV for the Buck"
Reviewed by bapps81
I needed a new tv for my dorm room. I decided to buy a 19" and I couldn't spend a great amount of money. I shopped . . .
Toshiba MV13L3 13

Toshiba MV13L3 13" CRT Television

Capable of providing hours of amusement and delivering a great picture, this Toshiba 13-inch TV is exciting and solid. This Toshiba 13-inch TV is ...
  2 reviews
"Good Value TV/VCR for the $$$"
Reviewed by PennyStretcher
There may be better TV/VCR combos, but for what I paid the Toshiba MV13L3 is an excellent value.
Gateway LCD13TV 13

Gateway LCD13TV 13" 480i EDTV LCD Television

This Gateway 13-inch LCD TV is ideal for the consumer who needs a small LCD TV for the home, office, kitchen, or bedroom. It is also suitable for ...
  2 reviews
"Gateway delivers Nicely in 13" Package"
Reviewed by trustmeonthis
Great desktop tv to accentuate your computer room or home office area, especially at a final price of $300.
Disney Cars 2 13 Television

Disney Cars 2 13 Television

Disney Cars 2 13 Television More at Sears


GE 13V110TD 13

GE 13V110TD 13" CRT Television

The GE 13V110TD is a 13-inch television that uses cathode ray tube technology to produce imagery in 4:3 aspect ratio. Front-facing speakers provide ...
  1 review
"What a great buy for a 13" TV/DVD combo, especially at $129.00"
Reviewed by majic12
I purchased this TV/DVD combo unit at Fry's on 7/30/04 for $129.00. That's $100.00 less than Amazon and Tech for Less! It . . .
Toshiba MD13P1 13

Toshiba MD13P1 13" CRT Television

Ideal for a child's room, or as a starter television set, this Toshiba 13-inch TV offers convenient functionality for playback of digital media, ...
  9 reviews
"bad product/ the shaft"
Reviewed by meghan_d88
this product lasted only a short time before it automatically shuts off. After finding out the problem i noticed it was because . . .
Toshiba MV13L2 13

Toshiba MV13L2 13" CRT Television

As a CRT TV, the Toshiba MV13L2 incorporates a range of useful features within its body. These features allow the Toshiba 13-inch TV to be suitable ...
  2 reviews
"Now I can Cook and Watch Movies at the Same time"
Reviewed by rayleha
Before you buy, look for one with better sound, and more features.
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