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Vizio Vizio 32 Inch Led Tv E320-B1 Hdtv
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Vizio Vizio 32 Inch Led Tv E320-B1 Hdtv

Full-Array LED delivers brilliant picture quality, as it distributes LEDs behind the entire screen for superior light uniformity. With a near ... More at Dell Small Office


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Apex Digital LE3212D 32

Apex Digital LE3212D 32" 1080p HD LED LCD Television

The Apex digital 32-inch TV has measurements of 30.3 inches wide by 8.2 inches deep by 21.4 inches tall and it weighs 20.2 lbs. The flat-panel TV has ...
Apex Digital PF3230 32

Apex Digital PF3230 32" 480i CRT Television

This Apex Digital 32-inch TV has a variety of connection capabilities for versatility when it comes to different types of entertainment devices. With ...
  4 reviews
"Would not buy again!"
Reviewed by adam_g
Do not buy!, annoying high pitch noise.
Apex Digital PF3225 32

Apex Digital PF3225 32" CRT Television

This Apex Digital PF3225 CRT TV is ideal for use in a playroom or entertainment center with a screen large enough for a group. Users can appreciate ...
  4 reviews
"you get what you pay for"
Reviewed by skilletts
This TV was a big head ache. About a year after owning it, the screen slowly was getting cut off. I would not suggest buying . . .
Apex Digital LD3249 32

Apex Digital LD3249 32" 720p HD LCD Television

Enjoy stunning image quality with the Apex Digital LD3249 that offers a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. Wide viewing angles of 170 degrees horizontal ...
Apex Digital AT3208S 32

Apex Digital AT3208S 32" CRT Television

"Good set for the money; NOT the best on the market"
Reviewed by paman
If you are on a budget, and need a larger set, this is a good trade off.
Apex Digital GT3215 32

Apex Digital GT3215 32" Analog CRT Television

  1 review
"Excellent value"
Reviewed by amygdala72
Flat screen 32 inch televisions shouldn't drain the wallet.. This one offers both great sound and picture quality at an incredible value. Definitely worth a shot!
Apex Digital PF3220 32

Apex Digital PF3220 32" EDTV CRT Television

"APEX 32" TV is BAD BUY"
Reviewed by stixsloan
Purchased APEX 32" PF3230 in Oct 04 from Best Buy. 10 months later audio goes out, I'm thinking it was something my 7 yr . . .
Apex Digital AT2002S 20

Apex Digital AT2002S 20" CRT Television

This Apex Digital 20-inch TV is exciting and enveloping, and it is capable of providing hours of information and delivering dramatic images. News ...
"This is the worst TV I have ever purchased"
Reviewed by bygdon
Do not buy this product. Spend the extra money on a TV that will work for more than 8 months. Also on a company with real Customer Service
Apex Digital GT2015 20

Apex Digital GT2015 20" CRT Television

The Apex Digital GT2015 is a 20-inch CRT TV that serves as an NTSC television system with an aspect ratio of 4:3. It utilizes a pure flat picture ...
Reviewed by pb45
Bought this tv in '03 because I wanted a 20 inch for the bedroom, but didn't want to spend a ton of money on it. DVD stopped . . .
Apex Digital GT2715DV 27

Apex Digital GT2715DV 27" CRT Television

The Apex Digital GT2715DV is a 27-inch CRT TV that is a tube style device equipped with a built-in DVD player. It provides fast and slow forward ...
  7 reviews
"APEX warning"
Reviewed by skinsfan6589
Thought I was getting a good deal for the price. $250 for a 27" flat screen TV. Boy was I wrong, two years after I purchased . . .
Apex Digital LE1912 19

Apex Digital LE1912 19" 720p HD LED LCD Television

The Apex Digital LE1912 is a widescreen LCD TV with LED backlighting that is great for smaller viewing spaces, such as bedrooms and kitchens. With a ...
Apex Digital AT2402S 24

Apex Digital AT2402S 24" CRT Television

Attractive and solid, this Apex Digital 24-inch TV is capable of bringing you hours of entertainment and displaying a clear picture. Drama buffs and ...
  7 reviews
Reviewed by hfruehauf
Bought an Apex 24" model AT2402 TV (a/k/a a "KLH Digital") which displayed and sounded well at Best Buy, and cost only $l39.95. . . .
Apex Digital GB65HD09W 65

Apex Digital GB65HD09W 65" HD Rear-Projection Television

With a 65-inch widescreen, consumers can enjoy movies in life size on this Apex Digital 65-inch TV, which has rear-projection and an aspect ratio of ...
  2 reviews
"Pile of Junk!!"
Reviewed by portpc4you
this thing was great for 6 months, then a weird line showed up in the middle of the screen and 2 months later the " gun " . . .
Apex Digital PF2025 20

Apex Digital PF2025 20" CRT Television

Great for a dorm room, studio, or vacation home, this Apex Digital 20-inch TV supports basic functionality for quality display of many multimedia ...
  9 reviews
"If you like it now, just wait!!!"
Reviewed by cleanintegra
I have wanted a flat screen tv for quite some time. Being a college student on a tight budget I found a very good price for . . .
Apex Digital GB4308 43

Apex Digital GB4308 43" HD Rear-Projection Television

Capable of bringing you hours of information and delivering a clear picture, this Apex Digital 43-inch TV is attractive and enveloping. Talk show ...
  4 reviews
"Spend a little more, you will be better off!"
Reviewed by doctortom
I purchased this television on the morning after Thanksgiving. I was able to purchase it for a very good price .. $699. Seemed . . .
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