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LG 60PM6700 60

LG 60PM6700 60" 3D HDTV Plasma TV

The LG 60PM6700 is a product designed to present high quality video on a big scale. With a 60-inch screen, users can watch their favorite movies and ...

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LG 50PS60 50

LG 50PS60 50" 1080p HD Plasma Television

The LG 50PS60 is a 50-inch plasma TV that takes your home entertainment to the next level. Boasting a native screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, ...
  9 reviews
"LG HD for the Sports Fan"
Reviewed by jackt357
Lg is quality and you get what you pay for most of the time.
LG Full 3D HD Plasma Television

LG Full 3D HD Plasma Television

If you want entertainment so lifelike youll feel like you can reach out and touch it, or a picture so vibrant and clear that youll forget youre ...
  1 review
"Great? Not really"
Reviewed by inok-51
Decent TV for masters bedroom but not good for living room, movie room etc If you are planning to impress quests or want to really enjoy great movie.
LG 60PS11 60

LG 60PS11 60" 1080p HD Plasma Television

Capable of delivering a great picture and providing hours of information, this black LG 60-inch TV is attractive and immersive. As this plasma TV ...
LG Smart TV 60PN5700 60

LG Smart TV 60PN5700 60" 1080p HD Plasma Internet TV

It's easy to enjoy this LG 60 Class HDTV (59.8 actual diagonal size) with Smart TV. Builtin WiFiA lets you connect to your existing network so you ...
LG 60PV450 60

LG 60PV450 60" 1080p HD Plasma Television

Turn your home into a small theater with the LG 60PV450 60-inch Plasma HDTV that ensures a cinematic experience. The 600 Hz sub field driving feature ...
LG 50PG20 50

LG 50PG20 50" 720p HD Plasma Television

With the dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, the plasma LG 50PG20 TV optimizes dark scene with darkest black and brightest white images. 720p HD ...
LG 50PQ30 50

LG 50PQ30 50" 720p HD Plasma Television

With its 50-ich widescreen, the LG 50PQ30 plasma television will turn your living area into a personal theater. This LG 50-inch Plasma features mega ...
LG 50PC1DRA 50

LG 50PC1DRA 50" 720p HD Plasma Television

Those who are looking for an excellent plasma TV need to look no further than the LG 50-inch TV. The LG 50PC1DRA supports multiple HD television ...
  2 reviews
"Awesome TV"
Reviewed by fanorkey
We purchased our TV in November '06 as the family Christmas present. It's terrific - the ultimate for watching football. . . .
LG 50PC3D 50

LG 50PC3D 50" 720p HD Plasma Television

Enjoy your favorite movies in superior quality with the LG 50PC3D plasma TV. With a contrast ratio of 10000:1, this LG 50-inch HDTV reproduces darker ...
  1 review
"LG needs repair personnel on Christmas Day"
Reviewed by samithelou
Hopefully its an isolated unit. But its poor reliability made for a great disappointment for my family on Christmas Morning.
LG 42PC3D 42

LG 42PC3D 42" 720p HD Plasma Television

Enjoy a richly detailed visual output on the LG 42PC3D plasma TV. With a contrast ratio of 10000:1, this LG 42-inch HD TV reproduces darker blacks ...
  8 reviews
"Picture went out after 3.5 years"
Reviewed by sliii
Purchased this LG 42 inch plasma in oct 2006 and it has beena good tv until last night. Picture went out but sound . . .
LG 42PN4500  42

LG 42PN4500  42" 720p HD Plasma Television

Capture each moment of fast-action visual content on this LG 42PN4500 plasma HDTV's 41-5/8 screen, which features 600Hz Max Sub-Field Driving ...

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LG 50PC5D 50

LG 50PC5D 50" 720p HD Plasma Television

Enjoy watching movies with amazing quality visuals on the LG 50PC5D plasma TV. With a contrast ratio of 15000:1, this LG 50-inch HDTV reproduces ...
  8 reviews
"LG-50PC5D Display goes out"
Reviewed by marc_r
LG-50PC5D Display goes out Satisfied with the performance but reliability seems to be poor. This TV plasma display failed . . .
LG 60PS80 60

LG 60PS80 60" 1080p HD Plasma Television

Enjoy theater-like big screen experience in your living room with the LG 60PS80 TV. Featuring a native display resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, this ...
  1 review
"Fantastic 60" plasma! Networked, THX certified"
Reviewed by s_vickers
If you are in the market for a TV of this size - Buy it! You won't regret it!
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