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Quasar VV2007 20

Quasar VV2007 20" Television

The Quasar VV2007 features an on-screen display and picture adjustment functions, including color, tint, brightness, and sharpness to make this an ...
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Quasar VV-1302 13

Quasar VV-1302 13" CRT Television

Solid and attractive, this Quasar 13-inch TV is capable of delivering dramatic images and providing hours of entertainment. Game show fans and talk ...
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"13 inch Mono TV/2 Head Mono VCR Combo"
Reviewed by tipstir
Perfect for that extra TV/VCR combo and can be used with a DVD player, good value.
Quasar VV-2002 20

Quasar VV-2002 20" Analog CRT Television

An excellent platform for watching your favorite television shows and catching up on the latest events, this Quasar 20-inch TV is reliable and ...
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"A Great TV For The Bedroom!!"
Reviewed by daquan
I highly recommend this unit for anyone who is looking for a TV for the bedroom or the kids room!