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Samsung - 46 Class (45-9/10 Diag.) - LED - 1080p - 60Hz - Smart - HDTV
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Samsung - 46 Class (45-9/10 Diag.) - LED - 1080p - 60Hz - Smart - HDTV

Samsung UN46EH5300F LED HDTV: Featuring a 1080p resolution screen for a stunning high-definition viewing experience, this Samsung LED HDTV allows you ... More at Best Buy ®


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Samsung HC-M4215W 42

Samsung HC-M4215W 42" 1080i HD Rear-Projection Television

At 108 lbs, this Samsung 42-inch TV is a lightweight large-screen set to round out a home entertainment center. With its digital 3-line comb filter ...
  9 reviews
"This tv is defective. Here's what you need to do..."
Reviewed by rippedoff917
A defective product. Avoid at all costs.
Samsung 5000 Series UN32EH5000 32

Samsung 5000 Series UN32EH5000 32" 1080p HD Slim LED Television

With a design that is conducive to small spaces and technology that provides a large, clear picture quality, the Samsung 32-inch TV is designed to be ...
"Best valued TV I have ever used"
Reviewed by jhging
I recommend this TV to anybody who is an enthusiast of HD. If on a budget great for a main TV. Easy to hookup and move around if needed.

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Samsung HC-N653W 65

Samsung HC-N653W 65" 1080i HD Rear-Projection Television

Measuring 60.2 inches wide by 62.5 inches tall by 29 inches deep, this Samsung 65-inch TV forms the centerpiece of an entertainment system for large ...
  3 reviews
"Great TV!"
Reviewed by listen-to-me
I bought this TV a couple years ago, and I love it! It's huge, but not overwhelming. I've had no problems with it and am . . .
Samsung HC-M653W 65

Samsung HC-M653W 65" 1080i HD Rear-Projection Television

Appealing and encompassing, this Samsung 65-inch TV is a great selection for enjoying movie-like displays. Add to your enjoyment with clear sound ...
Samsung 5000 Series UN40EH5000 40

Samsung 5000 Series UN40EH5000 40" 1080p HD LED LCD Television

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows in high-definition on the Samsung UN40EH5000 television. The 40-inch color screen of the Samsung UN40EH5000 ...
  4 reviews
"Samsung Smart TV"
Reviewed by macykay
I recomend evryone to buy one, you wont need a dvd player any more, or radios, the tv already has them built into it it is greqat to have

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Samsung TX-S2782H 27

Samsung TX-S2782H 27" 1080i HD CRT Television

Slim and stylish, the Samsung TX-S2782H HDTV offers you an exceptional high-definition viewing experience. Supporting a resolution of 1080i, this ...
  2 reviews
"Great Deal but Massive Defects"
Reviewed by punchinelli
This TV would be one of the best values on the market if it weren't for the major defects that ruin the entire experience. Do not buy.
Samsung HC-N4226W 42

Samsung HC-N4226W 42" 1080i HD Rear-Projection Television

The Samsung HCN4226W projection HDTV monitor is designed PJ HDTV Monitor Television to be the perfect alternative to heavier and bulkier 36" picture ...
  7 reviews
"Disappointed in Samsung quality"
Reviewed by ghinkfuso
I purchased this tv in November of 2004. In December of 2005 the convergence board went out on it. Fortunately Samsung stepped . . .
Samsung HC-L473W 47

Samsung HC-L473W 47" 1080i HD Rear-Projection Television

Appealing and panoramic, this Samsung 47-inch TV is capable of displaying a clear picture and bringing you hours of entertainment. Treasure the ...
  1 review
"Great 47" Projection TV"
Reviewed by springhill19
If you are looking for a 47-48" projection TV I would highly recommend this model. It has a number of advanced features yet has a reasonable price.
Samsung TXN2771HF 27

Samsung TXN2771HF 27" 1080i CRT Television

Movies and programming spring to life on the vibrant Samsung 27-inch TV. The Samsung TXN2771HF with its 1080i display resolution is a true HDTV, ...
  1 review
"3-1/2 years old and disappointed"
Reviewed by sixtttjic
This was a great TV with good picture quality, performance and sound. But, not even 3-1/2 years in, the coil burns out (DiF-2912DA(1P) . . .
Samsung 5300 Series UN40EH5300 40

Samsung 5300 Series UN40EH5300 40" 1080p HD Slim LED Internet TV

Watching TV programs and films isn't the only thing the Samsung UN40EH5300 is good for - this HDTV also boasts a full web browser, and a variety of ...
"Excelent product"
Reviewed by nicolaspro15
In the current context, the game has won the Samsung. I recommend to you is amazing his compability

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Samsung TX-R3079 30

Samsung TX-R3079 30" 1080i HD CRT Television

Samsung introduces the new SlimFit television to the market. At only two-thirds the depth of a conventional flat screen CRT, TX-R3079WH delivers the ...
"poor quality model; samsung usually does better"
Reviewed by patrickan
Pay a little more and get an LCD; this particular model CRT does not have the improved picture quality that it should over plasmas or LCDs. It was also unreliable.
Samsung HC-M4216W 42

Samsung HC-M4216W 42" 1080i HD CRT Television

Capable of displaying a clear picture and providing hours of entertainment, this Samsung 42-inch TV is appealing and high-fidelity. The Samsung ...
  3 reviews
"A smart alternative to Plasma"
Reviewed by haffenhaff
Plasma killer CRT-based compact widescreen projection TV with dynamite HD picture at a bargain price.
Samsung 5000 Series UN46EH5000 46

Samsung 5000 Series UN46EH5000 46" 1080p HD LED LCD Television

The Samsung UN46EH5000 is an LCD HDTV with an LED backlight that combines picture contrast with power usage. This Samsung 46-inch TV has a thin bezel ...

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Samsung HC-L4715W 47

Samsung HC-L4715W 47" 1080i HD Rear-Projection Television

This Samsung 47-inch TV is capable of providing hours of amusement and displaying crystal clear images. It's also sweet-sounding and appealing. The ...
"bitten in the rear end (TWICE) by samsung"
Reviewed by marco_dogdog
I bought this tv 3 years ago, about a month after the warranty expired, the red convergence blew. Cost almost 400 bucks to . . .
Samsung Smart TV PN64E8000 64

Samsung Smart TV PN64E8000 64" Full 3D 1080p HD Plasma Internet TV

Your movies, daily shows, and sports just got better with the smart and stylish, Samsung 64-inch 3D TV. Featuring Smart Interaction, this plasma TV ...
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