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Sceptre Color Series E243 23

Sceptre Color Series E243 23" 1080p HD LED LCD Television

The Sceptre E243 is a 23-inch, LED backlit LCD TV that delivers a fast response time for flicker-free content. Weighing 7.7 lbs and measuring 22 ...
Sceptre X320BV-HD 32

Sceptre X320BV-HD 32" 1080p HD LCD Television

Movies are more fun on the 32-inch bright screen of the Sceptre X320BV-HD 720p HDTV that produces ultra bright images with life-like clarity. Use the ...
  4 reviews
"One of my best buys"
Reviewed by kostasm98
I bought the  Sceptre X320BV-HD 32" LCD beacause I needed a good TV at a low price. It's actually everything that . . .
Sceptre X402BV-FHD 40

Sceptre X402BV-FHD 40" 1080p HD LCD Television

When individuals spend much of their time being entertained by the TV, it is important that the images viewed are clear and precise. This is why the ...
Sceptre X20SV-AgamaII 20

Sceptre X20SV-AgamaII 20" 720p LCD Television

The Sceptre 20-inch TV is a high tech device that can fit in any room and add a sleek style to the decor of the room. The Sceptre X20SV-Agamall is ...
  2 reviews
"Great LCD TV at a Great Price"
Reviewed by acolmena
Best 20" LCD TV Available for under $600
Sceptre X322BV-HD 32

Sceptre X322BV-HD 32" 1080p HD LCD Television

The Sceptre X322BV-HD is an HD LCD TV that offers an outstanding viewing experience. Thanks to its resolution of 1366x78 pixels, the Sceptre HDTV ...
Sceptre X508BV-FHD 50

Sceptre X508BV-FHD 50" 1080p HD LCD Television

Sceptre 50-Inch Diagonal LCD Full HD TV (X508BV-FHD) delivers top of the line picture and audio quality at an amazing value. This LCD HDTV features a ...
Sceptre X425BV-FHD 42

Sceptre X425BV-FHD 42" 1080p HD LCD Television

The LCD panel of this Sceptre 42-inch TV, with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, is HD ready. An integrated digital TV tuner card in the Sceptre ...
  1 review
"Well Worth The Money"
Reviewed by chetpet
I would highly recommend buying this TV. Don't be afraid of the brand.
Sceptre X30SV-NagaIII 30

Sceptre X30SV-NagaIII 30" 720p HD LCD Television

The Sceptre 30-inch TV provides the consumer with a satisfying viewing experience from almost any angle and in almost any format. Making use of ...
"Good for the Money"
Reviewed by jillhourani
We paid $699 for this at Costco (must have been a limited offer since I don't see it there anymore). We have owned a 37" . . .
Initial HDTV-322 32

Initial HDTV-322 32" 720p HD LCD Television

Enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows on the Initial HDTV-322, an LCD television. With a built-in DVD player in this Initial 32-inch HDTV you ...
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