Sony EXM 302- nice little amp

Jan 20, 2000 (Updated Sep 9, 2001)

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The Bottom Line Great amp if you can find one (old). SO much better than the Xplode line's now. Very durable and clean. I love it!

I know this amp is old, but I really like it. I haven't even been able to find info on it besides the print on the amp. I bought it off a guy for $35, and it was money well spent. This amp is rated at only 30 watts RMS per channel, so it's no powerhouse. I've used it with an external crossover running a pair of 8 inch Pioneer subs, and it did a good job. Now it keeps busy running a pair of 6 1/2's, which is really perfect for this amp. It's about the size of a Pioneer 332, but doesn't put out quite as much power. I really like how clean this amp is. It is one of the best sounding amps I have ever heard.

It's a really little amp (about 9"x6"), with a silver center section and blue heat sinks. This Sony is good for powering coaxles and components. IT IS NOT A SUB AMP! Don't expect it to bump. We used it to test a friends 15 for a few minutes and it sounded good, but I would not recommend it for anything bigger than 6X9's. If you can find one of these it should be really cheap, because they haven't made them in a while. This amp seems very durable, a friend borrowed it and bridged a pair of 10's to it. The amp is not 2 ohm stable in mono, so it kept shuting down, but it never damaged itself.

I would say this is a great amp for someone looking for an amp to run 6X9's, coaxiles, or components for very cheap. I love mine. It sounds very nice and clean. No hiss or distortion of any kind.

I've changed vehicles, and now the amp is running a pair of Pioneer 6.5's in the doors of my 85 Toyota pickup truck. Still sounds great and works fine. I am really waiting for this thing to die. I have owned it for 3 years now, and it was old when I got it. I spent about 3 weeks of rest while I was getting settle into the new truck, and then back to work it went. I drive nearly everyway, and make a mean 8 hour each way trip once a month. My stereo is ALWAYS on when I am in the truck, so this amp has been used a lot. My estimate is that I have put about 2000 hours on it (over 70,000 miles of vehile running, not to mention playing while parked or working outside the truck).

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