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Panasonic SC-AK47

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Panasonic SC-AK47, Good system, nice price

Dec 13, 1999 (Updated Feb 16, 2000)
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Pros:nice sound

Cons:the cd tray is slow

I used to work for Sears electronics and of all the mini/table-top systems we sold for under $300 this Panasonic was my favorite. It had the dual cassette deck, the 5 cd changer and a really cool graphic equalizer.

Also, i rarely saw them returned because they had been defective.

Back to the graphic equalizer; its a two dimensional plane with bass on the the vertical (I think) and sharp/soft on the horizontal. You can easily change the two independently for a sound to match what you like. It also has some preset EQ modes and the traditional move-the-many-bars up and down style.

Unlike some of the Panasonics, this one does play most copied cds (the blue/silver and the gold/green bottoms) which makes it perfect for . . . well you know the type of people who copy cds :) .

In addition, the cd opening and closing function is a little difficult to figure out (ie its not totally intuitive) but once you learn it, the system is simple to use.

In terms of long term reliability I would guess that it should hold up. Judging from the sound it makes, the 5 cd changer does have a lot of complicated moving parts so those might break, but in general the new Panasonics (last couple of years) have a good reliability record.

Also, the $329.95 M.S.R.P. is quite high, I've seen this Panasonic as low as $200, but normal people are most likely to see it at $219.99--which is still a good price.

--SirMontego, look for me on

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