Jan 19, 2000 (Updated Jan 21, 2000)

The Aiwa Mini System model NSX-3500 is absolutely amazing. I have had it for six years, and have never had a technical problem with it. I've never taken it for cleaning, or even had the laser realigned (as Best Buy so vehemently recommends). But the longevity of the system is not what makes it desirable or even recommendable.
I can honestly say that I have not heard a system with quite as much sound quality or clarity as this system. It offers only two speakers with built in base and treble, but provides unbelievable sound quality. Cranking the volume just half way up can rock an entire dorm hall. The two cassete decks have auto reverse and are great for copying tapes. It has a 3 disc CD changer and Karaoke capabilities. I purchased the system for 299.99, but I have seen a newer version of it for less than two hundred. For parents that want to buy their children a start up CD set, this is your BEST option. It is seemingly unbreakable and the sound is phenomenal.
It combines Super T-Bass and Digital Audio Sound and can be used as a surround sound system. I have it connected to my computer and I play mp3's off of it. With today's developing technology, I'd say this is a safe bet for today, and for several years to come. I can honestly say, it is the best quality Aiwa stereo system ever made. Though many stores may not have the model still, I'd suggest you go to your local appliance store and ask them about this model, NSX-3500, and they'll point you in the right direction.

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