Sony SAVA-500 Active Speaker System

Mar 2, 2000 (Updated Mar 6, 2000)

This unit is in the SAVA product family. It looks nothing like the SS family depicted in the picture. There were no reviews of SAVA products, so this review ended up here. For a good look at this SAVA-500 system, go to

I bought this Sony speaker system to go with my 35" Sony TV. I wanted some quality sound to go with the great picture on the TV set.

Installation of the system was a snap. Since amplification is built into the speakers, there's no dealing with wires from an amplifier/receiver. There's even an option for connecting a Dolby Digital 5.1 source such as a DVD/CD player with the 5.1 output as an option. The unit comes with a remote, but I have not needed to use it because my Sony TV remote takes care of the volume control and the unit automatically comes on when a signal is sensed from the TV. The auto-on/off feature is quite perfect. Sometimes, when the volume is low and the TV program is quiet, the power shuts off.

One slight drawback with this system over a more typical amp/receiver is that there is no FM tuner. However, there are other inputs available for audio sources other than the TV.

I love the power that this system has. The 150 watts of power provide plenty of low-end rumble from the subwoofer and nice crisp clean highs. The styling of the system also complements the large TV and stand.

The technical specs on the unit are:

Power Output:
Total system Power 150 w
Stereo Power () 20 w x2 (8) FTC
THD 0.8%
Bandwidth 200 -- 20,000 Hz
Surround Power 20 w x5 (8)
Bandwidth 1 kHz
Subwoofer () 50 w (8), 20 -- 200 Hz, @ 0.8% THD
Built-in Amplifier (channels) 6
Audio Inputs 3
Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel Input To reproduce stunning surround sound, the speakers accept 5.1-channel audio inputs from the supplied DVD/CD Player.
Dolby Pro Logic The classic system that brings home the excitement and emotional impact of movie sound tracks. Dolby Pro Logic sound tracks are encoded in many VHS Hi-Fi movies, TV dramas and sports broadcasts. This is a four-channel system, requiring Left, Right, Center and Surround speakers.
Advanced Super Acoustically-Loaded Woofer (SAW) Higher efficiency, higher output and more impactful bass are the benefits of Sony's newly refined SAW design, incorporated in the SA-VA700 and SA-VA500.
Subwoofer Mode 1/2/Off
Auto Power Input TV Only
Bass and Treble Controls Enable you to adjust tonal quality.
Remote Commander Unified
TV/Video/DVD/CD Control YES(on RC)
Surround Modes 5
Center Channel Modes Normal, Wide, Phantom and 3-Channel Logic modes adjust the Pro Logic circuitry to your needs.
Center Channel Output Suitable for connecting external, center-channel speaker to the SA-VA100. It enables future system expansion.
Rear Surround sound Wired
Wireless Rear Speaker Port Lets you connect the optional SA-IF70 Wireless Surround Speaker Package. This eliminates the need to run speaker cables from the front to the back of a room.
Level Adjust Center, Rear. Subwoofer
Delay Time YES (3 step)
Muting On Remote This switch lets you silence the speakers for temporary interruptions, like phone calls, then immediately return to your former volume setting.
Display Dimmer On Remote

Speaker Unit FRONT: 4", Mid/High
CENTER: 3 1/4" x 2
REAR: 3 1/4"
SUB WOOFER: 6 1/2"

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