Beer from El Salvador: Cerveza Caguama

Nov 9, 2000 (Updated Nov 10, 2000)

This is the second beer I tried from El Salvador in the past month. I purchased a 32 oz. bottle of this beer for $2.29 at my local Ralph’s grocery store. It has an attractive, painted label featuring a “Great Loggerhead Turtle” swimming in the water. Looked like a new and interesting beer to try and it was inexpensive.

When a flipped the cap, the beer’s citrusy aroma seemed familiar to me. I poured a glass, took a few gulps, and came to the immediate realization that I drank this beer before, only it was labeled differently. This beer tastes exactly the same as El Gran Campeon, another beer that is brewed and bottled by Cerveceria La Constancia, S.A. This brewery may be better known for its Suprema lager and Pilsener of El Salvador beers.

I don’t like when brewers take one beer product and then turn around and repackage it into five different brands. What’s up with that?! I really thought I was going to try something new and different.

Nevertheless, I still like the taste of this beer. It is a little different from Mexican beers (lighter). It is a zesty, bubbly and slightly sweet lager having a light, lemony zing.

I am guessing that hot weather and humidity make beers like this popular in El Salvador. I could not imagine drinking a stout, high-alcohol beer in hot, muggy weather. This beer seems ideal for hot, summer weather and it especially seems ideal as a beverage to serve with hot, spicy foods. Would be a much better choice than Coca Cola, that’s for sure. This beer is light and has a slight malty sweetness. You can chug it down like soda pop. It is pretty refreshing and is a good beer to choose to quench a thirst. You could almost put a straw in it.

If you live outside of the Los Angeles metropolitan area (we have a large population of El Salvadoran immigrants here), you will not be able to find this beer. If you do see it offered at your local grocer, do give it a try and consider purchasing it before you plunk your money down on Corona or Cerveza Sol. It is interesting.

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