Exxon Travel Club - Avoid at all costs

Nov 25, 2000

I had an Exxon credit card for several years. I recently canceled the card, but only because I realized that I could charge gas on one of my other cards that offer air miles or cash back. I did not have any problems with the Exxon credit card itself. What I want to warn everyone about it the Exxon Travel Club.

If you have an Exxon credit card and are made an offer to join the Exxon Travel Club, DO NOT DO IT!!!! The Exxon Travel Club cost about $1.25 or so a month, which was added to your monthly bill. A couple of the benefits included towing and return of your keys if they are lost. Fortunately I didn't lose my keys, however, I was in a car accident and had to have my car towed. The police officer asked me where I wanted my car towed. Knowing that I belonged to the Exxon Travel Club and thinking that I would be reimbursed for towing, I told him that I wanted Exxon to tow it. Of course having been hit in this accident and being carried away on a stretcher, the last thing I was thinking was "now what is the correct procedure for having my car towed and being reimbursed for it?"

As it turns out, I was not reimbursed for the towing. To be reimbursed, I personally, was supposed to make a call to a special phone number, tell them that I needed to be towed, and then "they" would send an Exxon representative to tow my car. My car was in the middle of a busy intersection and I was on a stretcher. There was no way I could have possibly made the call. While the Exxon Travel Club may cover towing, when it comes down to it, in extreme emergencies, they could care less.

I did write to them and explain the entire situation, but it did not matter. So I promptly canceled membership in the Exxon Travel Club. I then checked into my car insurance and realized that for less than $1.25 a month, I could have towing, from ANY gas station, covered.

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