Quack Quack Aflac . . Get the DUCK!!

Oct 30, 2000

I recently broke my toe. Now, I know that most of you would say that this is not much of a disability, and you're right. I could still walk, and function, and do everything that I needed to do.

But, because I have Aflac disability insurance, I also have an extra $300 to use for what ever I want.

Aflac insurance is personal disability and specific disease insurance. They insure you, or your family, against catastrophic disease or illness, as well as against "accidents" that you may experience. The money from this insurance goes directly to you, not your doctor, and it's in addition to whatever medical insurance you happen to carry.

An example:

I dropped a rolling pin on my foot and broke my big toe. Although painful, there really isn't anything that can be done for a broken toe except rest it. I went to the doctor, who said

"This toe may be broken. Get an X-Ray".

There was one $15.00 co-pay on my insurance plan. Then, I got the x-ray. There's another $15.00 co-pay. My doctor's office then called me to tell me he wanted to see me after he reviewed the x-ray. What did he want to tell me? That my toe was broken and that there was nothing they could do about it. Another $15.00 shot down.

Now, here comes Aflac. Since I broke my toe, they will pay me:

$100.00 for a broken bone
$120.00 for the initial office visit and x-ray
$50.00 for the other office visit.

I paid out $45.00, and received a check for $270.00. Not Bad.

Now, you may ask, what about a catastrophic illness? Well, fortunately, (Or unfortunately) I have an example of that as well.

My sister has Aflac, and she has it for the specific disease of Cancer.

Last week, she was diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing surgery on the 7th. She called Aflac, faxed in a copy of the diagnosis, and here are her benefits.

$5,000.00 for being diagnosed with cancer
$350.00 PER DAY she is in the hospital
$100.00 per doctor's outpatient visit
$150.00 PER DAY that she is off work
$70.00 per checkup
$500.00 per surgeon who works on her case
$350.00 per anesthesiologist (You try spelling it)
All prescriptions total reimbursement (not your co pay, what the cost is)
All Nursing services
All Hospital Services

She has already received the $5,000.00 check, which was sent the day she faxed in the doctor's report.

As you can see, although this is a difficult time, Aflac has made it easier for her and her family as they will not have to worry about money.

Aflac costs, for me, the following:

Cancer: Family coverage $41.00 per month
Accident: Family Coverage $22.00 per month
Heart Attack/Stroke/Coma: Family Coverage $15.00 per month.

I would highly recommend this type of disability coverage to anyone. If you are employed, ask your employer to look into it. It costs nothing for the employer to have; the employee pays the entire amount.

All kidding aside, disability coverage is EXTREMELY important. I have this coverage so that if anything happened to me, my family would still be taken care of. I can't imagine anything worse than being ill and knowing that you have to work anyway, or your family will suffer. I would highly suggest that anyone look into getting this sort of coverage for themselves and their families. Especially if you have older children who play sports. One injury can wipe out a families savings and leave them with nothing to fall back on.

Thanks for reading!

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