So you Wanna Hack a Credit Card Number?

Jan 20, 2000

Ok ok, That’s what I say… It’s OK!

Purchasing merchandise over the Internet is perfectly safe, much more so than in a retail store.

Below this line is my “rant” so choose to ignore it if you want :>

The one single misconception holding up the rush to buy over the internet isn’t shipping times, it isn’t lack of product or selection, it isn’t “clickable” links to a sale, it’s the mass media barrage of “Is it safe to buy over the Internet?” bunk you get from the ignorant media. Fooling the public into thinking credit card purchases are not safe over the Internet.

Credit Card shopping over the Internet is even SAFER than shopping in a retail store, and liability is exactly the same and in some cases (with American Express) you have ZERO liability. The proof lies with the charging company, NOT you.

Worried about some hacker finding out your credit card number and charging thousands of dollars on the Internet leaving you stuck with the bill? That is ridiculas and the falsehood perpetuated by TV, Print, and Radio reporters whose job it is to report negative “headline” stories. We have all heard about the “hackers” stealing thousands of credit card numbers and charging millions right? It is simply NOT true.

Go into a retail store and buy something with a credit card. What happens? They give you a slip to sign and you are on your merry way right? Secure in the knowledge that since it is a retail store you have no worries? WRONG, you have a better chance of being ripped off by some pimple-faced teenager stealing a carbon (or just the numbers) of your credit card. Still, you are only responsible for the first $50.00. That’s it, that is where your liability ends. The same holds true for the Net.

Here are some details on how to hack a credit card number:

First learn all you can about every Operating System currently installed in all major online retailers. They include Microsoft, Apache, Unix, and Linux (just the majority) then learn everything you can about secure servers. Then it’s on to encryption codes and logic. Now sit up late at night (every night) and try your hand at cracking the Servers root password and getting into the main system. That done, you need to locate the transaction server and hack into that the same way. Then you need to root out the order processing log and decrypt the encrypted credit card numbers. WOW you got it! You’re there, now all you have to do is buy everything you want and have it sent to your house. Easy right?
Sure if you don’t mind having the FEDS deliver the packages for you!

All the ‘easy’ steps above take a lot of learning, planning, and time. Minimum two years just to learn the basics. Then you must also know how to cover your tracks and how to siphon off those numbers one by one. An almost impossible task. There are a few stories about such exploits, but they are few and far between and almost always over hyped and incorrect.

I have made several hundred purchases online, including but not limited to:
Food, Gifts, Wine, Rx, Clothing, Shoes, Tickets, Seats, Car accessories, Hotel rooms, Computer parts, software and just about everything else. How many times has my credit card number been fraudulently used? NEVER, not once. Not even a simple double billing.

For the 20 million AOL subscribers (you know who you are) If it is OK to give AOL your credit card number, why wouldn’t it be ok to give it out to a shopping site, like Amazon? There are both online companies, both do the transactions over the Internet. So why is AOL trusted but the others are not? There are thousands of people connected to an AOL transaction, and just a handful compared to an online retailer….

It all comes down to information and Disinformation.

Bottom Line:

Don’t believe everything you read in the paper or see on TV, Credit Cards are Safe and effective over the Internet.

Ok that’s my rant, sorry for the negative tone, but I am really frustrated by the media on this and other subjects.

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