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Game of Life for PC

Game of Life for PC

Go to college, get a career, get married, buy a house, and have children. No, this isn't a wish list delivered by your parents; this is the classic ...
"The Game of Life (board game) for PC"
Reviewed by lawabiding
This game works again in Windows 7!  Just a couple of compatibility changes and it was working perfectly.  I loved . . .
Evolve  (PC, 2014)

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Solitaire Games for PC

Solitaire Games for PC

If you enjoy playing solitaire then youll love this collection of over 100 different versions of the game. Choose from games like Break 147, Clock ...
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"Greatest Solitaire Games (or not)"
Reviewed by jrjrjr
Don't get it unless it is part of a pack. Boring!!! I got as part of a pack.( there is no sound which is why i chose 1 on sound)
Farming Simulator  (PC, 2009)

Farming Simulator (PC, 2009)

Assuming the role of a young farmer, experience the 18 hours-a-day lifestyle of running a busy farm in the middle of beautiful, rolling ...

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Games Interactive 2 for PC

Games Interactive 2 for PC

The puzzles are rated for difficulty on a scale of one to three stars with single star puzzles being appropriate for children and other beginners and ...
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"Nice, but seems buggy, no support or update"
Reviewed by sferrel
I found that the minimum requirements of 200 Mhz was not fast enough. Have also used it on a much faster Macintosh. However, . . .
Payday 2: The Ultimate Steal Edition  (PC, 2014)

Payday 2: The Ultimate Steal Edition (PC, 2014)

Mixing gritty first-person shooting, stealth, and co-op customization and looting, Payday 2 lets up to four gamers pull off more than 30 heists in ...

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Uno (2006)  (PC, 2006)

Uno (2006) (PC, 2006)

UNO is the classic party card game that's number one for family fun! Compete against three other players to match colors and symbols, go Wild with ...
Just Cause 2  (PC, 2010)

Just Cause 2 (PC, 2010)

Agent extraordinaire Rico Rodriguez returns for more death-defying missions against ruthless cartels and corrupt governments in this sequel to 2006's ...

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Adventures of Tintin: The Game  (PC, 2011)

Adventures of Tintin: The Game (PC, 2011)

The interactive adaptation of Tintin's computer-animated debut is an action-adventure game in true spirit, presenting players with a variety of ...
Rubik's Games for PC

Rubik's Games for PC

Professor Erno Rubik is back with four easy-to-play games in addition to his famous cube. Games are Zigthrough, in which snakes make their way to the ...
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"Sammy Strikes Out..."
Reviewed by biggmack56
I bought it used, for next to nothing, and still feel like I overpaid. It was only fun for about the first ten minutes, then the reality set in....
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