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Oct 23, 2000 (Updated Oct 26, 2000)

Joe Campanelli’s Quickie-Vac

Several months ago during a conversation with a dear friend, I mentioned a recent purchase of a cordless vacuum cleaner. Knowing my penchant for gizmos and gadgets, she simply laughed and announced that we could ‘do lunch’ when I made the trek to the Post Office to return the item. We agreed on one salient point: Cordless vacuum cleaners rarely are worth the return postage.

Her laughter resounded as I explained the details and features of the vacuum cleaner in question. Her response reached ear-shattering proportions when I admitted this particular model was featured on the Home Shopping Channel one late night. When will I learn? What possesses me in the wee small hours of the morning; forcing me to punch in credit card numbers and my member identification code? Even with a proven track record of fifty-percent returns, I remain loyal to on-air shills and readily fork over hard earned cash for whatever object of desire de jour I may covet.

I fully intended this purchase as a gift for my mother. Her vast expanses of chocolate brown ceramic tile flooring require constant attention. Mom expressed great interest in the Eureka® cordless stick vacuums advertised nationally during her afternoon soap operas. No veiled hints from my mother – nope – she voiced her desires clearly and concisely while enunciating every syllable. I did the research and prepared for our usual hour-long discussion regarding the merits and shortcomings of the various cordless Eureka® models.

That night, insomnia drove me to channel surf. Several cycles through the dial brought me to HSN and a demonstration of Joe Campanelli’s Quickie-Vac®. The name repelled me. The host sang praises earned only by saints; surely, this rechargeable cleaning tool could not possess all those remarkable attributes. Transfixed, eyes glazing over and mesmerized, I watched as the vacuum marched through incarnations from stick vac to hand vac to dust buster. The transformations required little effort and it appeared the vacuum had power to spare in any of its many guises.

Watching the clock tick down, panic jolted me out of my trance. I had to have Joe Campanelli’s Quickie-Vac®. If the host uttered one iota of truth, this was the deal of the century! Buyer’s remorse struck along with my morning wake up alarm. Fearful of admitting yet another impulse purchase to Equal Half, I kept the information private. Unfortunately, I forgot to let our UPS man in on my subterfuge. Within a week, the doorbell blared and Equal Half accepted the clearly marked package. Emblazoned on all six sides, Quickie-Vac came home to roost.

The Out of Box Experience

• Quickie-Vac Dirt Cup / Motor Assembly
• Rechargeable Handle
• Two 14-¼” Extension Wands
• Floor/Carpet Attachment
• Crevice Tool
• 7-¼” Crevice Tool
• Round Dusting Tool
• Upholstery Tool
• Washable Cloth Filter
• Recharger Cord
• Use and Care Instruction Manual
• One Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Love at first sight may very well be an overstatement but I do like the look of this vacuum cleaner. All components are gray with the logo, seals, slide control button and release a contrasting cobalt blue.

Constructed primarily of hard, scratch resistant plastic (with the exception of the rubber wheels and hanging ring), the Quickie Vac® weighs in at a scant three pounds when fully assembled with both extension wands and the floor/carpet attachment. End to end, with both wands and the floor tool in place, the vacuum measures forty-seven inches.

Requiring no tools, setup consists of hand-fitting the components. All parts slide into place with little effort and feel secure when in use. Attaching the motor assembly to the dust cup by screwing the dust cup into place provides a tight seal permitting no dust or dirt an avenue for escape. The charger handle snaps into place and removes easily with one push of the release button conveniently located just below the sliding power control switch.

For optimal battery life, the vacuum should not be used until it has been fully charged. A minimum of eight hours, for the first charge only, is the recommendation of the manufacturer. Recharging between uses requires plugging in the charger handle for two hours. The enclosed literature states that the vacuum will operate for up to twenty minutes when fully charged. We often get a full half hour of use before the battery shows signs of running down.

Features Galore and A Clean Floor!


Charge It! – If space is a concern, charge the Quickie Vac® with the handle detached from the main unit. The 8-½” handle component stands up on its base creating an even smaller footprint. We chose to hang the vacuum on a hook next to an outlet. With the unit off the floor and plugged in at all times when not in use, the vacuum remains ready, willing and able to complete those emergency clean up tasks at a moment’s notice.

Power Controls - The vacuum offers two power settings: Continuous for larger jobs and a handy Instant On feature which shuts off automatically once the button is released. The slide control is conveniently located on the front of the charger handle, allowing quick access via thumb control. Push forward for Instant On utility; slide back for Continuous use.

Electric Broom – This lightweight appliance maneuvers beautifully into those tight spaces I normally would clean with my Hoover® full-size upright vacuum cleaner’s hose and an accessory tool. In the bathroom, I can reach behind the toilet and under the overhang of the vanity cabinet without missing a beat. On tile, wood, concrete, Kool Deck™ and low-pile carpet, the Quickie Vac® performs as promised. Anyone with long hair or shedding pets will appreciate how well this product picks up hair, fur, cobwebs, etc… We also experienced superior performance when dealing with kitty litter, vermiculite, birdseed, sawdust, ashes and sand. The slender profile permits vacuuming under the beds and other low furniture. My full-size vacuum is too tall and cumbersome to reach those spots without moving furniture or using the accompanying hose and accessories.

Hand Vac/Upholstery Tool – Not a fan of Dust Busters and similar small appliances, I did not expect much of the Quickie Vac® when used in this capacity. Happily surprised at the power and suction enjoyed when cleaning the carpets and upholstery in our cars, I now make minor detailing a regular habit. The slender shape of the upholstery tool along with the firm but flexible double row of bristles make easy work of those formerly detested car and household hand vacuuming jobs.

Duster – This attachment, when used with both extension wands, gets constant use around this house. Areas I tend to ignore because they are out of my line of vision now can stand up to any white glove test and pass with flying colors. Thanks to the light weight of the vacuum, I find cleaning the ceiling fans, vertical blind head rails, door jambs, tops of cabinets, foot rails under the desk, air conditioning vents and baseboards effortless experiences.

Crevice Tool – A crevice tool is a crevice tool, right? There is nothing unusual about the form or construction of this attachment. Still, utilizing it with both extension wands makes short work of cleaning those notoriously gritty sliding glass door tracks and the gaps between large appliances and cabinets. Use it sans wands and it really grabs all that popcorn debris, cookie crumbs and other pest attracting refuse that becomes trapped in couches, chairs, between the car seats and the console and under cushions.

Dirt Cup – What a joy! Emptying the dirt cup after each use ensures the availability of full suction power. Unscrew the cup from the motor assembly, dump out the contents into the trash, shake or brush off the cloth filter and screw the cup back onto the assembly. If the filter becomes embedded with dirt, simply toss into the washing machine and air dry.


Comfort – While the height of the Quickie Vac® allows both 5’ 11” Equal Half and 5’ 6” little me ease of use without having to bend or contort our bodies, there is a comfort factor that needs consideration. The charger handle is made of the same hard plastic as the rest of the vacuum cleaner components. A pliant rubber cushioned grip would greatly improve the level of comfort when putting the Quickie Vac® through its paces. While the present configuration assures that the vacuum does not slip or slide out of our hand, this one area could stand a bit of improvement.

Price – The Home Shopping Network offers Joe Campanelli’s Quickie Vac® at a sale price of $49.50 plus shipping costs. Appliance stores and the Joe Campanelli web site (http://www.joecampanelli.com/) sell the Quickie Vac® with the tool kit described above for $99.00 plus tax and shipping, if applicable. (Presently, the website offers free shipping on this vacuum cleaner and accessories.) Logic dictates that if you are interested in purchasing this product, visit http://www.hsn.com/ or phone 1-800-284-3100 to order (item #229767) for half the price.

Additionally . . . Is There More?

For those who love gadgets even more than I do, Joe Campanelli offers three additional accessories for use with the Quickie Vac®. None are necessities; one is, in my estimation, silly but, they are as follows:

• Cordless Flashlight Attachment - $9.95 each
• Cordless Screwdriver Attachment - $19.95 each
• Hanging Black Attachment Organizer - $19.95 each

Is That My Final Answer?

(Regis is really getting on my nerves!) If forced to come up with one word to describe the Quickie Vac®, it would have to be “convenient.” Whether purchased as a second (or in my case fourth) home vacuum or used primarily in an office environment, boat, auto or garage, this little wonder lives up to its hype. Not just for quick clean up chores, Joe Campanelli’s Quickie Vac® functions beautifully in all capacities with the added plus of cordless operation.

Post Script: Since the original purchase of my Quickie Vac®, I purchased three more as gifts. All recipients cannot say enough about this wonderful appliance. If you happen to be faint of heart, refrain from purchasing this item for your mother. Imagine my shock and the expression on my face when Mom phoned to tell me how much she enjoyed her Quickie. Enough said… :o)

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For additional information or to purchase:

Joe Campanelli.com
3601 N. Dixie Highway ~ Suite !2
Boca Raton, FL 33431

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