Amway amagifts best deal if you know someone!

Jan 26, 2000

Upon my reading of an opinion today I realized that one of the opinion givers needed a slight correction. They believed they could find a amway distributor or as they are now called IBO's (Independent Business Owner), This may happen if you are in Ada, Michigan and have the ohone # for Away Headquarter's there but being a IBO myself the best way to find a IBO to sign on to the Amway website.

Now you may wonder what this has to do with amagifts? In order for anybody to have access to this wonderful product line for gift giving one needs to know an IBO. These gifts as so well stated do indeed range from $15.00 to $750.00 retail price. The vacation amagift which are either 2 nights/3 days or 3 nights/4 days are that little corporate gift giver that can win over that new account.

For those of us who work long hours and weekends not having to fight the shopping malls is a blessing. I heartily recommend that time strapped individuals avail themselves of this time savers.

To my knowledge this is the most comprehensive gift giving system that has been my pleasure to come across. There is everything in there from the afore mention getaways to votive candle holders and everything in between including Gourmet food!!!!!! Compare to Omaha Steaks or Clearwater Seafood.

A great buy, a real time saver. 2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!

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