Slinkies are wonderful gifts!

Dec 29, 1999 (Updated Jul 4, 2000)

Let's face it--I'm a slinky nut. I have lost count of the number of slinkies I own, but it's well into the triple digits. As one of my peers describes me, "He also owns far more toy slinkies (remember those?) than is probably healthy for someone over the age of six."

Slinkies are great gifts for anyone/everyone. I've given slinkies to my wife for Valentine's Day, to the guests who attended our wedding reception, to students who have taken classes from me, to my nieces for no reason, to my co-workers as "deal toys," and so on. The point is, I've given away hundreds of slinkies and everyone loves to get them and to play with them. It's always a crowd-pleaser.

What many people don't know is how many different slinky incarnations there are. There are the metal slinkies in a multitude of shapes (I've found at least a half-dozen), plastic slinkies (at least 2 dozen shapes, and an unlimited number of sizes), plastic toys with metal slinkies as their body (think Slinky Dog from Toy Story), Slinky Pets with slinkies encased in fabric as their body, and so on. It makes for a wide range of gift-giving opportunities.

Better yet, slinkies are pretty cheap--a metal or plastic slinky usually costs well under $5, and a slinky toy or slinky pet usually costs well under $15. That's a lot of smiles to the dollar!

Slinkies make are good gifts for executives because they are small, they are fun to play with, they bring a smile to a person's face, and they have a certain Zen-like calming effect when played with. Also, can't you imagine a villain from the James Bond series playing with a slinky instead of stroking his Persian cat as he says "Goodbye, Mr. Bond"? Clearly, a person who can play with slinkies in front of others is a person of POWER.

For those executives who need reinforcement about their power, there are special slinkies that especially fit the bill, such as the 24k carat gold slinky or the gold-plated slinkies in a wood case. These are more expensive than your garden variety metal or plastic slinky, but they will make your executive feel VERY special.

You can't go wrong with giving a slinky as a gift. It's a sure-fire winner.

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