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Black & Decker HH2455 24in Trimmer (HH2455HH2455732369732369)

Black & Decker HH2455 24in Trimmer (HH2455HH2455732369732369)

Hedge trimmer, inline motor design delivers improved balance, control and precision, 24" blade extended reach and even cutting, Shearing blades cut ...
  2 reviews
"Black & Decker Hh255 24 Inch Hedge-Trimmer: Hoping It Last Longer Than My Homelite"
Reviewed by popsrocks
ThisB&D HH2455 24"Inch Hedge-Trimmertrimmeris relatively quiet and smooth running. I like the 24" length allowing for a little bit less stretch. I can recommend it.
Black & Decker GH600 14

Black & Decker GH600 14" Grass Hog Electric String Trimmer / Edger

"Not an edger"
Reviewed by jsb462
It is OK as a trimmer, but don't waste your money if you want an edger. At first, it works great. Then after 6-8 trimmings, . . .
Black & Decker Gs500 3.6 - Volt Cordless Grass Shear

Black & Decker Gs500 3.6 - Volt Cordless Grass Shear

Great for trimming along walks and trees.Cordless convenience3-inch machine sharpened bladeSafety lock off switch3.6 volts-will trim up to 35 minutes ...
  3 reviews
"Short life span"
Reviewed by donsreg
The battery holds less and less of a charge, and the blades are easily jammed, ironically, by clumps of grass. After . . .
Black & Decker Ht2200 22

Black & Decker Ht2200 22" Hedge Trimmer

The Black&Decker HT2200 Hedge Trimmer comes equipped with a long 22-inch blade. Not only do longer blades offer improved reach, but they also ...
  2 reviews
"Black & Decker HT2200 Electric Hedge Trimmer - basic, no-frills hedge trimming"
Reviewed by jwhitakr
The HT2200 makes the job of hedge and bush trimming easy and fast, but the durability is suspect
Black&Decker Mm675 18

Black&Decker Mm675 18" Electric Lawn Hog Mulching Mower with Flip Over Handle (028877323411)

BLACK&DECKER MM675 18" ELECTRIC LAWN HOG MULCHING MOWER W/ FLIP OVER HANDLE.FEATURES:18" LIFETIME polymer deck will mulch, side discharge or ...
"My first electric lawn mower"
Reviewed by suspiciousjohn
Buy it only if there is a liberal return policy. It is significantly different than a gas powered lawn mower.
Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer

Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer

Product Features: Garden Tool Type: Hedge Trimmers; Type: Garden Tools
"Works Better Than Prune Juice"
Reviewed by nagels
This is a nice, little tool for those who don't need something heavy duty. Just watch that cord.
Black & Decker St7000 13'' Automatic Feed Trimmer/Edger (7080914)

Black & Decker St7000 13'' Automatic Feed Trimmer/Edger (7080914)

Product Features: Type: Garden Tools
  1 review
"wish I never bought it!"
Reviewed by tmlguy
This thing just eats up the line. We've got six spools and nobody around here wants to wind any. I don't really want to spend . . .
Black & Decker No. St1000 Electric String Trimmer 9

Black & Decker No. St1000 Electric String Trimmer 9"

Put the finishing touches on your landscaping with an electric string trimmer. Lightweight design makes it easy to keep up with general yard ...
  2 reviews
"Weak necked trimmer pales to competition"
Reviewed by treje
Because of it's weak sectional design, I would avoid this trimmer in favor of the "Weed Eater" brand.
Black & Decker Black and Decker Lm175 18

Black & Decker Black and Decker Lm175 18" Electric Lawn Mower (BLAAN1LM175)

Electric Lawnmower features: 18" LIFETIME polymer deck will side-discharge or side-bag with optional bag # BA-075 750 series motor for adequate ...
  3 reviews
"Do not buy this!!"
Reviewed by southalabama
This lawn mower is electric but still it lacks the power of even a good electric mower. I have never had a good experience . . .
Black & Decker Bv2500 Leaf Hog Vac 'N' Mulch Blower/Vacuum

Black & Decker Bv2500 Leaf Hog Vac 'N' Mulch Blower/Vacuum

Is there a Hog in your yard? Well there oughta be! The Leaf Hog High Performance Blower/Vacuum (BV2500) is 3 tools in 1-a blower, a vacuum and a ...
"Blown Away at 200 mph; These Hands Dont Fit A Rake!"
Reviewed by donc230
Light weight, low noise, ease of use, and a more than acceptable blower easily outweigh a disappointing mulching performance.
Black&Decker Cst800 8

Black&Decker Cst800 8" Cordless Electric String Trimmer

  3 reviews
"It does what it is supposed to"
Reviewed by bulpen
I bought this to trim my relatively small yard, Didn't want to deal with cords or gas. This is perfect for that. Don't use . . .
Black & Decker LE750 Edger (BLAAN1LE750)

Black & Decker LE750 Edger (BLAAN1LE750)

A landscaping luxury. Featuring a pull-up edge guide, the Black & Decker LE750 edger also doubles as a trencher for a variety of yard-working ...
"Dont buy it !!"
Reviewed by soccerballs
I totally agree with twopinezCrappy design using cheap plastic brush holders causing early failure. Don't buy it!The heat . . .
Black & Decker Ex410 - 2p - Tp1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Medium Room (050875521537)

Black & Decker Ex410 - 2p - Tp1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Medium Room (050875521537)

Black & Decker Ultrasonic Pest Repeller have a 100% Duty Cycle which means the unit is continually emitting ultrasonic "noise". The frequency ...
  1 review
"What a let down"
Reviewed by triciaro2003
I live in a large apartment building so no matter how clean I am I get my neighbors cockroaches. I tried sprays and traps . . .
Black & Decker 14

Black & Decker 14" Grass Hog Xp Trimmer/Edger (07174143000P)

Powerful 7.2 amp motor with 14 in. swath for fast trimming performance in the toughest weeds, grass, and overgrowth. High-torque design delivers ...
"Waste of money!"
Reviewed by lynnfyi
DO NOT buy it. It is NOT worth the price. It is NOT worth the aggravation. It is not worth the wasted string. It is not with the extra time.
Black & Decker 12 - Volt Cordless String Trimmer (CST1100)

Black & Decker 12 - Volt Cordless String Trimmer (CST1100)

This easy-to-handle yard trimmer will whip your lawn into shape just in time for spring and summer barbeques. With its light seven-pound design, this ...
  1 review
"Not So Sure About the Black and Decker CST1100"
Reviewed by angelz4rebecca
I would not recommend this product unless you like the inconvenience of never being able to finish your yard work in one day. The charge just doesn't stay strong.
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