The Bundt Coffee maker

Jan 6, 2000

Without my Bunn coffee maker, I could never get my motor going in the morning. The Bunn is the fastest coffee brewer I've ever owned. It has an extra reservoir for water, which is kept hot whenever the unit is plugged in and turned. This makes for a quick pot of coffee, since the water is already hot. When you pour more water in, the hot water immediately begins to drip thru the fresh grounds of coffee. By the time I've collected the morning paper, my coffee is brewed.

I've also used the Bunn for boiling hot water for Tea, hot chocolate, soups, gelatin, instant foods (such as brown gravy, mashed potatoes) or any time I need instant hot water for drinks or foods.

So, I not only get a great cup of brewed coffee as fast as I could make an instant cup of coffee,(which helps me greet the day with a smile and eyes wide open), but I have access to boiling hot water for many of my other cooking needs.

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