Philips Sound selector ST400 Philips Sound selector ST400

Philips Sound selector ST400

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No more tossing and turning all night!

Jun 26, 2000
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Pros:Gentle soothing sounds, no loud alarm buzzers

Cons:none that I can find

My 19 year old daughter has been suffering from chronic migraines fro several years now and has been to doctors, neurologists, hospital emergency rooms, and has been on many different medications to try to control them so she can at least function on a day to day basis. The worst time for her migraines seems to be at night, she had a hard time falling asleep even with medication. I was willing to try anything so that she could get a good nights sleep and be able to accomplish what needed to be done the next day, whether it was school work or now that she has graduated, getting up and getting off to her job on time.

I first heard about the Philips Sound Selector ST400 with clock and gentle wake alarm system from a cigarette premium catalog I happened to get in the mail. It offered 9 natural sound buttons to gently play and help you drift off to sleep at night. It also offered to wake you up to the same gently played sound option that you choose yourself from the 9 sounds. This sounds like something that might just be what my daughter, Kendra, needed and hopefully will work for her.

I found the Philips sound machine at our local discount store but I also worked on collecting enough cigarette upcs to order one for a spare. These offer can take a while to complete and they wait for it to arrive and I didn't want to wait that long to try it. Anyway I purchased one and brought it home to try.

It took very little time to get through the instruction book and get it set up as far as the time set, the alarm set, and installing the batteries ( 3 "AA") that insures battery back up for the alarm in case of a power failure. Sound selector does NOT work on the battery back up. The time functions set up was pretty easy by just following the instructions carefully. There is also an 800 toll free number in the instruction booklet to call if you have any questions or problems.

Now on to the sounds selector, there are 9 natural sounds to choose from. They are rain, soft sound, ocean, falls, chimes, doves, birds, bells, and clang. There are little buttons for each sound to easily make your choice(s). There is a 60 minute timer to give you a full hour of sound to drift off to sleep to. There is also a sound volume control to regulate how loud or soft you would want your sounds to play. The gentle wake alarm system will gently awaken you over a period of 30 minutes with its three stage progressive alarm system. An example of this is, you have set the alarm for 6:00 am. 10 minutes before that time the EARLY alarm turns on with the sound you have selected (ie rain). At 6:00 am the MID alarm will turn on with another of your selection (ie birds). 10 minutes later, the LATE alarm will turn on with your final selection (ie clang). There is also a snooze button along with these options to extend the LATE alarm another 10 minutes. You must reactivate the alarm function each day.

The set up is easy, the sounds selection is easy and of course there are on and off buttons to turn on and off the alarm as needed. The time on the LED clock is large and very easy to read. There is also a headphone jack for personal listening enjoyment any time and anywhere.

It has worked wonders for my daughter who has been using this sound machine for about 6 months and has very little trouble falling asleep now. She loves being able to wake up to gently soothing sounds instead of being jolted awake with a buzzer in her ear. It has certainly been a medical breakthrough for her and I hope that this epinion will help some else who has sleep problems for whatever reasons.

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