Kirby G4 upgrade to G5

Oct 7, 2000

I have a Kirby G4 and like most Kirby owners, paid a mint for it. Just when it was paid off, a Kirby saleslady wants to shampoo my carpet again. Well I invited her in because I wanted to see how much better the G5 was from my G4. I vacuumed my carpet, she re-vacuumed it and showed me how much more dirt the G5 picked up. Well after measuring that special adapter that shows you how much dirt her model picked up, I found out that that adapter will fit my old G4 too. So I told her to snap that baby onto my G4 and lets vacuum again. Well guess what? My old G4 picked up the dirt her new G5 supposedly "left behind", "Wow", she said. "Hmmm", I replied after that. But what makes the G5 a superior vacuum over the G4? Well for one thing a better impeller design, that according to the saleslady.

Well a call to Kirby's repair center found that the G4's replacement impeller part number is the same as the G5. They don't make the G4 impeller anymore, they slap on a G5 impeller and guess what, you'll get superior suction too! Well okay the G5's motor is higher rated than the G4, but wait a minute, my G4 picked up the dirt the G5 left behind. Sorry no case, but I did put in the order to replace my worn and cracked G4 impeller with the new and improved G5 impeller.

The saleslady went on to say the G5's new micron filter bag traps more than the G4. Okay I'll buy that, literally. I bought a package of G5 bags and found that it fits neatly inside my G4's outer bag.

Well by the time she left, my G4 had better filtration thanks to the new and improved G5 micron filter bags and after the new G5 impeller was installed, well to me I've got a G5 without mortgaging the house.

As a recommendation, if you already own a Kirby G4 and your plastic impeller has cracked because you sucked in too many pennies, have it replace with the G5's impeller for greater air flow. While you're at it buy the G5 bags, they fit too!

Incidentally the G5's upright handle that snaps onto the vacuum itself, as well as its outer vacuum bag, the removable beater-bar head and all of the G5's accessories will fit the G4. In other words everything that can attach to the G5 will attach to the G4.

I'm assuming Kirby's next generation G6 will either fit the G4 as well or they will fire their marketing department and design it to be incompatible with previous models.

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