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Miracle Thaw Sucks

Dec 17, 1999 (Updated Apr 11, 2000)
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Pros:If a robber comes in the house, this'll hurt him pretty bad.

Cons:Probably about the worst way you can spend $29.99

What a load of bull. My roommate bought this, for reasons unbeknownst to myself, but it was probably the worst purchase of his life. We've bought some really lame stuff for the apartment over the course of our stay there...but this takes the cake. We have never ONCE gotten it to thaw anything. What ends up happening is the stupid Miracle Thaw gets all cold and it freezes to the piece of meat we're trying to thaw. Can you believe that?! It attaches to the piece of meat you want to thaw. After seeing the thing up close, I understand what they're trying to do. The thing's painted black, and it has gaps in it, like a heat sink. What they're trying to do is use the ambient radiation and light to heat and thaw your food using convection and such. However, it isn't curved, and does a horrible job at reflecting and focusing the rays (which is why it sucks.) and that's why the tell you to keep running water over it. (Which, ironically enough, is exactly what our previous method of quick defrosting entailed.)

What a load of crock! Stay far, far away from this. There's no Miracle in Miracle Thaw. I find it interesting that you can rearrange the letters in "Miracle Thaw" to spell "What Miracle?!".

Using this product is most likened to when you go out and buy those canisters of model paint, and then you forget about them for a while. Then you remember it and you try and open the lid on it, but it's painted shut, so you try for frickin' hours, and finally after you go through several can openers and a few layers of skin on your palm, you get it open...only to find that all the paint has already hardened into a solid mass. That's exactly the level of frustration and useability you get out of the Miracle Thaw. It's a Miracle someone hasn't taken one upside the head of whoever made them.

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