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For the Best Food See Schwan's

Mar 7, 2000
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Pros:come right to your door, reasonably priced, great quality

Cons:once every two weeks

I was introduced to Schwan's by a friend and have been addicted ever since. Every other Tuesday I lie in wait for the yellow truck to park in front of my house; I have my order ready for him to punch into his little hand held machine by the time he reaches the door. Schwan's has one of the best reputations in the country and hopefully will continue to grow.

There are so many good things about the Schwan's company that I don't think that I could name them all if I tried. A few would be:

--THEY COME RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR-this is definitely a biggie, because sometimes we can't just run to the market and get everything that we need on the spur of the moment.

--They are priced reasonably-I have priced the products that I buy from the market with the Schwan's company and have found them to be about the same. There are a few things that may be just a smidge higher, but I would like to think that most of us would pay for quality rather than quantity.

--The personnel are great-I have never been treated rudely. They are very helpful when I need help in making a decision, which I usually don't, and they offer great advice on how to fix certain things. I also like the idea that when I had a problem with one of their products, my route person offered to take the item back and reimburse me or apply a credit to my account.

--You can post date your check/credit card-I have NEVER seen a company do this unless it was just a credit card. I initially asked my route person if I could possible write a post-dated check and he said yes and that it was company policy to please the customer, also the fact that it was between pay periods and many people don't have money at those times.

--They have GREAT food-the products are quick frozen and last a long time in the freezer. I have yet to see something spoil in my fridge i.e. I have kept a gallon of ice-cream in the freezer for over a month and it tasted just as great as when I bought it. I have asked and found out that they work in conjunction with many major companies, such as Tombstone.
They also have juice that I would never buy anywhere else. It comes in little milkbox type containers and can be kept in the cupboards instead of the freezer or fridge. This is a great help especially if you have children that go through juice like maniacs--thawing out frozen juice can be a BIG nuisance if you are in a hurry.

The only bad thing that I can think of is that they only come once every two weeks. This is slight in the big scheme of things and have discovered that if I buy in bulk from them, such as in juice, there is rarely a problem. All in all I am very happy with the Schwan's company, they are a big help, especially when I am in a hurry and can't find the time to go to the store and my kids love their products. They are the true judges of what is good or not, right?

Some of the foods that we like are: juices (they have a diverse variety), diced chicken breast, lemon-pepper chicken, barquitos-both mexican and meat, ice-cream (the cookies and cream are to die for), sausages (all kinds), meatballs and quick frozen vegetables. I can usually buy all my meat from him and just go to the market for the rest of the things that they don't supply.

If you are interested in finding a Schwan's near you either call 1-888-SCHWANS (1-888-724-9267) or go to their web page at, either way I know that you won't be disappointed, because their service sells itself and you get great quality for a decent price.

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