Price Should Be Last In Consideration Of A knife

Jun 9, 2000

When looking to purchase a good knife or a set a knives, there are several factors that should be weighed on heavily in making the decision.

1) It's always better to buy a set of knives as opposed to buying a single piece. One knife will not do all the jobs you'll be attempting. Would you want to use a paring knife to crack open that watermelon? Probably not. When buying a knife, the overall average price will drop with the more pieces you purchase. You'll be getting a better deal and you'll also have a knife for each job in the kitchen.

2) Handle the knives before buying. You should always check for the balance of the knife. Make sure the tang (extension of the blade into the handle) goes all the way into the handle. This makes for perfect balance and makes the knife easier to handle, as well as more durable. Also make sure the knife is comfortable to use.

3) Almost all knifes have limited warranties that run out in five to ten years. Make sure the knife has a warranty that will set your mind at ease. You'll want to spend good money, and you'll want to feel comfortable doing so.

4) BUY SHARP KNIVES! The sharper the better. Do not be intimidated by overly sharp knives. The boy scout saying is a dull knife is the most dangerous knife. When using a very sharp knife, the person needs to use only limited pressure on the knife, making injury far less likely.

5) Make sure the knife uses good steel for the blades. Carbon steel will rust over time, and stainless steel dulls very quickly. A combination of the two steels will give you your most reliable edge.

6) Remember that straight edges tend to dull much more quickly than serrated edges. Find a knife set that gives you enough edge choices so that food cutting is made simple and reliable.

These are really the main areas of concern a knife purchaser should think about when buying knives. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about buying knives. I would be more than happy to help.

Roland Geary

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