master cut knives got to love em

Apr 15, 2000

I was at Walmart one day and they had the blue light special display light up, a gentleman was talking on a microphone about a special offer he would be showing in a minute.

I was curious so I stopped, I was one of the first people to stop, so he told me little about his offer.

I had been looking for some good knives, mine wouldn't cut butter, they were so past their time. I stayed for the display and I loved it, I watched as he cut through the tin can, and loved it when he gave us a free gift for watching .( an apple corer)

When he said two sets for the price of one I was hooked, I didn't believe him when he said that they wouldn't rust and never go dull no matter what I did, but I loved the life time warranty so I bought them.

The steak knives are wonderful, and after almost a year they are still as sharp as they were the day i bought them, even though they have been used for lots of thing besides cutting steak, like a screw driver, cutting plastic, and i even used the big knife that he told us would cut wood then slice a tomato thin (he did this at the store and it turned out to be true) to cut carpet and it is still just as sharp as ever.

The only thing that didn't hold true was that I have one small red stain on the large blade, not sure from what.

My biggest complaint is that when you wash them they are so sharp they cut up your wash rags, I lose more wash rags this way, and of course you have to be very careful they will cut right through bone, yours included.

I am happy knowing that I have a knife set that does what it is supposed to do, and since the handle is not wood but a one piece handle, I expect them to be around for years and years.

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