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Eureka Corded Stick Brooms

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Eureka- A Deadbeat Dustbuster

Jul 18, 2000
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Pros:Cheap, Lightweight, Small enough to store

Cons:Cheap! Does not work!

During my search for a good vacuum cleaner, I decided to purchase something to last me in the interim. I'd heard about various stickbrooms and thought the Eureka name was a good one. Using our host,, I read enough rave reviews to lay my bets on the Eureka 160 series. At a mere $20.00 I figured I really couldn't go wrong. (Famous Last Words.)

Mine was purchased from K-Mart, of the 'Super' variety, boasting everything, but REAL vacuum cleaners. Upon opening the box the first thing I found was that the screws that held the long handle in place was missing. Apparently the unit I bought was returned by someone else and whoever put it back in the box, didn't check to see that everything was there. I should have known that this was not a good omen. Ignoring my own gut feelings, I went back to the store and exchanged it for another.

Before leaving the store I made sure the box had never been opened and I brought it home. A couple days later I put the handle on (the only part that needs to be assembled) and had my first experience with a stickbroom. My apartment is comprised of mostly hardwood flooring with area rugs in the living areas and tile in the kitchen. Since my model does not have a roller brush, I assumed that I would use it on the hardwood floors and kitchen and bathroom tiles. My main concern was getting dust and cat hair as well as the litter that manages to find it's way across the apartment.

The Broom
The stickbroom is approximately 3 1/2' tall with a flat-like bottom that spands 8 1/2" wide. The entire unit is lightweight and easy to hold and maneuver. On the underside of the bottom there is centered a small opening, less than 4" long and 2" wide. This is used to suck in the dirt where it is then deposited into a dust cup less than twice the size of a large dustbuster type cup. This obviously means that you must have the base of the unit directly over anything you wish to clean. It does not pull from the edges; not even close to the edge.

The 160 model has only one switch - off and on. There is also a latch to remove the dust cup so that it may be emptied. The long handle can be removed easily so that you can hold it by the molded curved handle in the base. It can then be used like a 'hand vac' or a dustbuster.

Using It
On first (second and third) use, I became increasingly frustrated with this product as it was not picking up even the easiest things such as a piece of paper. The first couple of times I thought I was using it improperly as there was not very much documentation that came with the unit. The fourth and final time I began to use it, I decided to flip it over and exam it. Since I did not look at the underside prior to use, I had no idea that there was such a small area being used to draw the dirt off the floor.

The small amount of dust and dirt that this model did manage to pick-up was mostly deposited on the floor when I removed the dust cup. Everything seemed to turn to a fine dust and it covered the whole base of the unit and alot of it simply fell out of the bottom onto the floor. I spent more time cleaning it than anything. In other words, it was a mess.

Okay, so I figured I essentially had a new dustbuster. The problem with using it this way is that it is clumsy and not nearly as effective as a true dustbuster. For one thing the wide bottom rotates 90 degrees and is more of a hindrance than anything. Secondly, this is a corded unit and having to get up from your hands and knees to plug it into another socket is a pain. It would not be horrible to do that if already in the standing position, in my opinion. Thirdly, it is about 18 inches long without the extension handle and quite wide, causing it to be too bulky.

I cannot understand how the other 20+ people that wrote about on this product all gave it high reviews. For me, it was not worth the $20.00 much less two trips to the store to get it. They say you get what you pay for and in this case, I can certainly agree. I would not recommend this to anyone. If anything, you may want to try one of the other models, but stay away from the 160 Model!!

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