Jenn-Air 30-Inch Dual Fuel Range

Jenn-Air 30-Inch Dual Fuel Range

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Gas cooktop & Electric oven -what a great combination!

Jan 8, 2000 (Updated May 7, 2001)
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Pros:Indoor grilling, easy cleaning, gas cooktop & convection oven combined

Cons:Requires major remodeling to install ($$$) into an existing house

The Bottom Line: I would buy this model again if I had to, unless I had a house big enough for the Jenn-Air 6-burner model.

The house we bought in '97 was extremely space-efficient (read: tiny) the builders built this home with every bell & whistle they could think of...(I don't know what they were thinking when they put in the GE profile dishwasher, but that's another story)

They had installed a Jenn-Air Gas-Electric Grill-Range with Convection Oven. This range sure looked great with it's solid black finish! But why was our smoke detector going off every time we used the grill???

Ooops, the fans didn't work! I talked to co-workers that had Jenn-Air stoves, and they said that their ranges sucked the steam & smoke great, Hmmm... my fan just kinda blew it around gently??? We called customer service and they promptly responded and discovered that the fan motor underneath was installed backwards! Since all 3 of the tiny custom homes built at the same time had this stove, after we found out, all 3 got fixed by the original contractors -right away. No more smoke detectors going off every time you grilled!

The other problem we had was that food wasn't cooking per the package directions. We used a temperature gauge, and found our oven was off by over 25 degrees. The instruction manual has an easy step-by-step process to calibrate your oven to a perfect temperature.

That was 1997, we haven't had a any problems since then. We can BBQ in the dead of Winter (ok, so there really isn't such a thing as Winter in the SF area) as well as bake, broil, boil, sautee, and cook enough food to feed a hungry family.


I really, really, really despise electric stove tops. I sold a house once after 10 months because it had an electric range. I love Gas! I was leary about having the electric oven -but I had never had a Convection oven, so I was willing to give it a go. I liked it! And I get to have a gas cook-top!

Some of the whistles & bells about this Gas-Electric Grill-Range with Convection Oven are:
*The gas range controls are analog, while the electric oven controls are digital.
*The gas range controls have an electronic starter.
*The gas range came with interchangeable; surface burner Module (2 pairs) & a grill module. -you can buy a Grill Cover, a Griddle or a Wok.
*The whole top comes easily apart to fit in your dishwasher -all but the part attached to the oven.
*Oven clean-up is easy There is an automatic self-cleaning feature.
*There is a child lock protection that can be locked in the OFF position to prevent a child from accidentally turning them on for; self cleaning, bake, convect bake, convect roast, & broil. Because the fan vents out to the side yard, my whole neighborhood (all 4 houses) can smell when I cook brownies!
*The interior of the 3.8 cu.ft. convection oven is huge -it contains 3 separate racks for broiling, baking & roasting.
Convection Oven cooking is so fast & easy -once you figure out the temperature difference (it's in the manual) you subtract 25 degrees for best results.


The 2 biggest negative features of this oven are:
*The bottom cover under the oven falls off very easily. It isn't far enough back for someone with size 7 shoes, standing at the stove, to not kick.
*The gas cook top modules are not sealed. They are better than the old fashioned method where everything fell through the cooktop and you had to lift the lid and try to get to all the crumbs; -in that most of the parts (including the gas jets) come off and out for easy cleaning -leaving just one big pan underneath to clean. Even the filter comes out to be rinsed.

My last range was a Kenmore (in the house I spent $huge dollars to get perfect, just to have to move shortly afterwards). I really loved that stove and wouldn't have tried a Jenn-Air if I hadn't gotten one with the house. I'm glad I have this range/oven now! (but I gotta do something about that GE dishwasher!) I would recommend anyone having a new house built to consider this option. It is not an easy (or cheap) way to go if you are just doing a minor remodeling of your kitchen. (Another reason we didn't consider this in the previous house)

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