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Dawn dish soap and laundry aid

Dec 6, 2000
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Pros:Bubbles! Rids laundry of food grease! Economical!

Cons:Have never found one!

This is a perfect category for Dawn dish washing liquid. It is a household cleaner and a laundry aid (not to mention a bubble bath for the little ones in the house! It is gentle enough!!).
I have been buying Dawn dish liquid for more than ten years. I have been thoroughly pleased with it's performance in every facet to which I have tested it.

The commercial I claims "Takes grease out of your way." It couldn't be more true. I am a SAHM of three little ones and have a husband. Now that alone should say it all. I have a lot of dishes and even more laundry!

I have used Dawn (Original, Mountain Spring, Lemon, and Antibacterial) for all those dishes. From the daily toast and cereal bowls to Thanksgiving dinner with all the relatives that sat for well over an hour with caked on and dried mashed potatoes and gravy. Dawn has never let me down. Clean, clean, clean! All you need is just a small drop of liquid in the warm/hot water, whether it be hard or soft water hasn't even made a difference to me (I have had both), and you will get more than enough suds. Now, suds is really important to me. I have tried other brands in the past, and been thoroughly disappointed with the lack of sudsing action, if you will. One brand (that shall remain nameless) I tried I was so disgusted with I even called the company to say that there had to be something wrong, I was going through the 'soap like water' and not getting any suds at all! Dawn will never let you down that way. (I too have called Proctor and Gamble to compliment them on it being such a great product and the great way that it takes food grease out of clothing
and within two weeks I saw coupons start rolling in! Tremendous customer service!)

Speaking of suds/bubbles. I mentioned that I also use it for the kids' bath water. Yep! I do use a little more in there, for obvious reasons that it is a larger amount to fill up with water and the kids love the bubbles! The bubble 'beards,' the bubble 'mohawks,' you get the idea! They last a great long time too which is a real important thing to kids that love to take baths and play with their toys in there...and prune up! It is a gentle enough soap that none of my kids (which includes two girls) have ever experienced any kind of skin irritation or UT infection (which can be a real possibility when girls bathe with any kind of bath additive).

Now to the laundry side of it. This is my first recollection of giving it a whirl in the laundry world. One day, many years ago, I was sitting in the living room folding laundry, again, when I saw another Dawn commercial come on. "Takes grease out of your way..." just then I looked down at the toddler boy's shirt that I was folding, he had worn it to Burger King or McDonald's (don't remember which, it all blends together) several days before with little tiny grease spots across the front of it. Now I am sure that the grease more than likely had come from those little greasy fingers that ate those greasy little french fries. I am also very sure that this wasn't the first time that I had witnessed grease on clothing, but this was the first time that a little light bulb went off that said, "Takes grease out of your way..." lets see if it takes it out of laundry's way too. Back to the laundry room it went! Spot treated the grease spots with Dawn and put in another load of laundry. Laundered as usual otherwise. Whamo! Came out of the dryer, GONE! Over the course of time I also tried other grease spots that were even older. (Hubby eats fast food a lot since he works 90% out of his car) I thought that these grease spots just meant the end of the clothes looking less than clean, because they were! No more! Grease has come out of clothing that has been washed, dried in the drier, worn and washed again!

On Proctor and Gambles website in the Dawn category ( you can find all the descriptions of each different variety of Dawn liquid that they make. I listed the different varieties that I have tried, but there are two more as well. There is also, Power Plus and Special Care. Power Plus states that "Powers through tough grease and tackles tough food..." etc. And Special Care states that "Easily cleans tough grease and actually improves the look and feel of hands!..." etc. I never felt the need to try these for these purposes. The regular Dawns work through all that more than efficiently. For the others I have tried, Original Lemon Mountain Spring those were for either just looking for a change of scent, something new or it matched the color of my kitchen!! The Antibacterial is for the obvious reason, everyone has to buy everything antibacterial now because that is just what you do!
I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone that is looking for a good thorough cleaning of their dishes without gross residue and plenty of sudsing action. And to anyone that has children that will inevitably get food grease on their clothing!

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