Sleazy', I mean Sleepy's - Do not attempt to buy a mattress from them.

Dec 23, 2000 (Updated Jan 5, 2001)

Sleepy's mattress dealer is BAD! Do not go to them to get your mattress. They lied to me twice. I have attempted to buy 2 mattresses and had one not good experience and one terrible experience.


The first time I shopped there I bought an excellent mattress at a great price. They promised to deliver between 7:00 AM and noon on a Saturday. When I attempted to narrow this time window, they promised me that I would be the first delivery that day and it would probably arrive by 8:00, 9:00 at the latest.

By 11:00 the mattress still had not arrived, so I called to find out what was wrong. They told me there was a delay and the mattress truck was on the road. on their way to me. The warehouse, they said, was in Brooklyn, no more than an hour away. At 12:00, still no mattress, I called again.

"Oh yes, they should be there very soon." They promised to call me back and tell me what was up. They did not call me back and he mattress arrived at 1:30. The truck driver told me that there had been a terrible accident on the highway and that is why they were late. Oddly enough, I had been listening to the radio, a station that gives traffic reports every 10 minutes, and I heard nothing about such an accident.

I was also supposed to get 2 free pillows with my mattress, but I never got them. I forgot about this until much later. I didn't really need new pillows, so I did not try to get them.

This was the not good experience. I forgave them for it because I loved my new mattress and I had gotten an amazing price.


About 2 years ago, my then boyfriend, now husband, needed a new bed. We went to Sleepy's and bought one. Again, we were promised delivery by 12:00 noon.

At 1:00, still no mattress, I called, the line was busy for about 30 minutes. When I finally got through, I was told they would track down where the drivers were and call right back. Of course they didn't call, so I called again at 2:00. They still did not know what was happening and promised to call within 15 minutes. 15 minutes later, still no call. I called again, they said the truck had left on time that morning and it should be here in just a few minutes. I made it clear we had to go out at 3:30 and they assured me the bed would be here.

Needless to say the bed did not arrive by 3:30. The concierge in the building said it came at around 5:30, when we were out.

When my boyfriend called to cancel the order the customer service rep. was very nice and apologetic. She offered him a sheet and comforter set, worth over $300, to let them deliver it next week. She promised delivery on Sat. between 7:00 and 9:00 AM. She said the bed linens would be sent out immediately and would probably arrive before the bed. She gave him her direct phone number and assured him she would be working at her desk on delivery day.

The bed did not come at all! The sheets did not come at all! The woman was not at work at all that day! My boyfriend did cancel the order and together we bought an even better bed at Bloomingdales, which was delivered on time.

DO NOT USE SLEEPY'S!!! I am convinced it is company policy to lie!

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