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Highest Energy Efficiancy Rating for a portable AC!

Jul 18, 2000 (Updated Jul 18, 2000)
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Pros:Efficient, quiet, & reasonably priced


I live in WA state. We rarely get very warm weather here, so most houses are built without central air conditioning. This Summer we've had some unbearably hot weather, & I just couldn't stand it any longer. I had to buy an AC! My windows are such that window units are out of the question, so I looked for a portable AC. I priced these last Summer & saw one (different model) selling for around $1000. This one was half that price!

This one impressed me for the following reasons:

~Voted Industry's Finest by the Retailer's Choice Awards

~Highest EER rating of any portable air conditioner available on the market - 11.0

~Full 1 year warranty

~Limited 5 year warranty

~2 speeds, & variable thermostat control

~Reasonable Price

~Full water indicator that lights up when the pan is full, & if immediate attention isn't paid to the AC, the compressor will shut down by itself.

~Unit can be run on a timer - anywhere from 1 hour to 8. If you desire you can run it manually as well.

~Has wheels to make moving from room to room easier.

Here are the specifications for you techie types:

Voltage & Frequency - 115 V /60Hz
Current - 7.2AMP
Power Consumption - 750 Watts
Cooling Capacity - 8,300 BTU/HR
Compressor Type - Rotary
Ventilator Speed - 2
EER - 11.0
Refrigerant - R22
Net Weight - 76 lbs
Gross Weight - 82 lbs
Dimensions - 19.7"L x 12.6"W x 29.1"H

My experience with the product has been terrific. It's easy to install. It comes w/ 2 pieces of foam rubber that you insert firmly in your window for insulation purposes. It should be cut to size to insure proper insulation, but to be honest I left it as is because I move the unit around to 2 different rooms at different times of the day. I'm able to do this by sort of folding the extra away, & then closing the window around it firmly. Double sided tape is included in case you wish to permanently affix the foam rubber, but once again I find it unnecessary.

The hose attaches to the back of the unit at one end, & slips through a pre-cut "hole" in the foam rubber to let the hot exhaust out. There is no need to open any screen you may have on your window. In fact, the manufacturer recommends leaving the screen closed to avoid insects getting into your house. The foam sits in front of the screen, & the hose is held in place by the foam.

Simply plug it in, & your ready to go! It takes a very short period of time to start blowing cool air out. I'd say a couple of minutes tops. It's a good idea to start on the highest setting & speed, & then lower it to your comfort zone.

When the water pan needs to be drained, you will be notified by the AC. A light will come on (although mine has yet to fill up after 2 weeks of consecutive use!). It's a fairly simple procedure. The manufacturer supplies a bottle, you position it on the floor, at the back of the unit, near the hose, unplug the hose, & insert it in the bottle.

*NOTE* You must drain the water pan before you move the AC to another location, to avoid spilling water as you roll the AC across the floor.

I find that this AC works best in a somewhat small room with ordinary ceilings. Don't attempt putting it in a large room with vaulted ceilings.

The ONLY thing negative I can think of to say about this AC is that it's super heavy. I had to lift mine upstairs by myself to get it inside, & that was quite a feat! However, to move it from room to room on flat surfaces is not difficult at all.

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