Magic Chef cool touch skillet/grill Magic Chef cool touch skillet/grill

Magic Chef cool touch skillet/grill

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Works like magic

May 11, 2000
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Pros:It works great and is easy to use


I have two confessions to make, the first is that I am a meat lover and love a good rib eye steak grilled on a outdoor grill. My second confession is that I am a impulse gadget buyer and sometimes this can be good..or bad depending on the new gadget I buy and what it is supposed to do.

One of my favorite meals is a thick rib eye steak cooked on a grill with a salad and piece of garlic bread. Every year when the weather would start to turn bad, we would always try to squeeze in "just one more time on the grill" before we had to put it up...we have been known to grill with snow on the ground.

One day while I was at Walmart I noticed a large display of the Magic Chef cool-touch skillet/grill. It takes very little to tempt me to buy a new kitchen toy, so in a instant it was in my cart.

I didn't use it right away, as the weather was still nice, but when the gas grill was finally put away for the winter, out came the Magic Chef skillet.

The skillet comes set up and ready to use, all you have to do is plug in the cord and screw the knob on the lid.

The skillet/grill is 14 " in diameter with a ribbed non-stick coated surface. The heated part of the skillet fits into a white circular cool-touch base. A see-thru tempered glass lid fits snugly over the pan.
It has an adjustable temperature control knob on the cord, and also included was a recipe booklet and spatula.

The temperature control knob maxes out at 420 degrees. After you select your temperature a light comes on, when the light goes off, the skillet has reached the desired temperature.

During the cooking time the light will go on and off indicating that it is cooking at the proper temperature.

Because of the non stick surface you should not use metal utensils to stir or move food items around with.

The skillet/grill has six cooking methods:

1. pan broil

2. fry

3. braise

4. simmer

5. steam

6. warm

The instructions for using all these methods are included with the skillet.

We used the Magic Chef to grill two beautiful thick rib eye steaks and I am pleased to say that they came out perfect. Since that first time, any indoor steak grilling done by us, is done on the Magic Chef.

Occasionally I have my steak "blackened" using "blackening" spices that are sprinkled on the steak after the steak has been brushed with melted butter. The Magic chef does a wonderful job with the "blackening" and I find it comparable to grilling outdoors......not as good, but definitely in the running.

We also fix chicken and pork chops on it, but my favorite by far is a steak.

Clean up is pretty easy, the grilling skillet part, simply snaps out of the cool-touch holder, and because of the non-stick coating, the pan just wipes out. You cannot submerge it in water because of the plug area, but it isn't necessary as it cleans up very easily.

If it were to break, I would go on a search to find a new one.

It is well worth the cost and a good investment.

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