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Emmie Food Processor

Feb 28, 2000 (Updated Mar 6, 2000)
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Pros:Ease of use, ease of clean-up and retractable cord

Cons:Blades very sharp, be careful

I have owned the Hamilton Beach Emmie Food Processor for about nine years. When my father died, I was given his "Emmie" and have loved it ever since. One of the things I like most about this machine is the smallness of it and the ease of using it. Even though it is small (the container holds only about four cups), it is large enough for a family of four or so. Yesterday I made chicken salad in the "Emmie" using a whole cooked chicken. The "Emmie" comes with three blades, one to chop, one to shred and grate and one to pulverize. For the chicken salad I used the pulverizer blade because I like my salad more like a pate. After the chicken was done, I used the same blade and chopped the onion and celery for the salad. It was so easy and took approximately 10 minutes to make the entire salad.

I keep this machine in one of my kitchen cabinets and it takes up little room, unlike the large food processors that have large motors and very large containers. These machines usually take up an entire shelf, but not the "Emmie". The "Emmie" has a funnel attached to the cover with a pusher so you can pour in ingredients to be processed. This is excellent when I make potato pancakes. I used to have to grate the potatoes by hand, which was a long process and sometimes quite painful, but with this processor, there is no pain, very little work and very little time.

Another thing I love about this machine is that the cord is sort of retractable. It goes back into the machine for easy storage. Clean-up is very easy with this machine also, even though there are many parts to it.
Again, I really love this machine and get much use out of it. And even though it is over nine years old, I really don't see where I would need to upgrade to anything better.

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