Clorox Stain Out

May 13, 2000

I received a Clorox Stain Out stick as a baby shower gift when my oldest was born. The gift giver proclaimed that this was the best stain remover for eliminating formula spit up stains and other miscellaneous baby related stains. I was willing to give it a try as I had seen the stains formula could leave on baby clothes.

I will not lead a consumer to believe that every single stain will be removed when using this product. However, I am truly a fan of this product. I would say that over 90% of the stains on my childrens' have been removed when using this product. The stains removed range from baby formula and baby food to chocolate, spaghettios and plain dirt and grime when my children became toddlers.

Your best bet when using this product, like any stain remover, is to pre-soak the stained items. I found that the chances of the stain being removed were greatly increased if you sprayed the stain immediately and then again before washing the item. Stains that were the hardest to remove were the tomato based stains and carrot baby food - sometimes not removed even if I did pre-soak.

This stain remover costs just about the same as the other stain removers on the market. The average cost per bottle in my area is $2.37. This product does come in a stain stick and a spray, although I prefer and discuss only the spray. The only disappointment with this product is the seemingly low availability in my area. There are only 2 stores within a 30 mile radius of me that sell this product. However, the product itself is sure to please!

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