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Kentucky KM-250  Mandolin

Kentucky KM-250 Mandolin

The KM-250 Artist A-model from Kentucky combines the best features of traditional 1920's instruments to produce unique modern instruments to handle ...
Kentucky Artist F-Model Mandolin Model KM-700 in Traditional Sunburst (688382014091)

Kentucky Artist F-Model Mandolin Model KM-700 in Traditional Sunburst (688382014091)

The Kentucky Artist KM-700 F-Model Mandolin features a big powerful tone, easy playing action, and beautifully figured woods in the tradition of the ...
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"A Beautiful Instrument - Kentucky Mandolin"
Reviewed by shopaholic_man
The Kentucky Mandolin is truly a beautiful instrument, both to look at and to play.
Kentucky KM-160  Mandolin

Kentucky KM-160 Mandolin

Kentucky Standard A-Model Mandolins are meticulously hand-crafted from the finest materials to produce the finest possible instruments for players of ...
Kentucky KM-505  Mandolin

Kentucky KM-505 Mandolin

The KM-505 Artist A-Model Mandolin is Kentucky's top-selling mandolin. It's radiused ebony fingerboard, hardcarved woods, and solid spruce top are ...
Kentucky KM-1000  Mandolin

Kentucky KM-1000 Mandolin

The KM-1000 Kentucky Master Model Mandolin was introduced in the late 1970s in response to players and collectors requests for a mandolin that ...