How To Improve Chops

Share effective techniques and exercises for improving your finger dexterity and accuracy. Include favorite solo runs, modes and licks. Use tablature were appropriate.

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by sparkospunky

sparkospunky is a Lead on Epinions
Jul 15, 2005 Improving Your Chops--Become A Complete Guitar Player
Playing a guitar is easy--playing it well is quite another thing. Realize your full potential and become a complete guitar player.... read full review
Very Helpful

by Saxguy
Oct 17, 2007 How to Improve Chops on Sax and Clarinet
It requires quality material and dedication. However, it can be done and it is a rewarding experience.... read full review
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by vanwarp
May 26, 2003 Rules and Finger-Picking Exercises that will Improve your Chops and Music Writing Abilities!
I wish someone would have given me this information when I was 14...... read full review
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by JMueksch
Jul 21, 2000 Hey it works!
... read full review
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by scollege
Oct 13, 2001 Worked for Segovia
Practice like a baseball batter warming up... read full review
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