May 29, 2000

In this epinion I will attempt to dispel a myth, state facts, and make observations.

MYTH: Corporal punishment/spanking is CHILD ABUSE. Those who perpetuate that myth are grossly misinformed. CHILD ABUSE is a CRIME, spanking is not.

FACT 1: According to a call I placed to CPS (Child Protective Services) spanking is not CHILD ABUSE, provided it is:
a) Done with an open hand. (No closed fists, belts, switches, yardsticks etc.)
b) Does not leave lasting marks, bruises or welts.
c) Does not cause a condition requiring medical treatment.

FACT 2: Corporal punishment/spanking is almost non existent in public school systems in this country today, unlike the public schools of 15-20 years ago.

FACT 3: Kids are taking pipe bombs and high-powered rifles to school to kill their teachers and fellow students.

FACT 4: Corporal punishment/spanking is still practiced in many private Catholic schools as well as military schools.

OBSERVATION: I can’t state this as a hard fact, but I have yet to see a news story of a child in Catholic school trying to blow away the Sisters of Mercy because they sent him home for throwing water balloons.

FACT 5: Corporal punishment/spanking as a form of punishment in the home has significantly decreased over the past 15-20 years.

FACT 6: Teen and gang violence have significantly increased over the past 15-20 years.

OBSERVATION: I have seen many unruly children tell their parents to “F*#K OFF” at the mall, grocery store etc. (I can’t ever remember seeing that while growing up)

MY TWO CENTS: CHILD ABUSE is a crime, and a pretty hefty charge to be tossed about so lightly as many on this sight seem to do quite frequently. (Even some “experts” are guilty of this) While you may not agree with spanking please stop calling it a crime. It is not; no matter how much you wish it were so. Stop perpetuating a MYTH and get your facts straight. Personally I would rather my children associate running out in the street or a mall parking lot with the pain of my hand on their butts for years to come; rather than have them associate it for a fraction of a second with the pain of blunt head trauma associated with coming in contact with the bumper of a car travelling at 25 m.p.h.

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