How To Have a $20/Week Grocery Budget!

Nov 29, 2000

My husband and I live on a $20.00 a week grocery budget. It is not easy, but I will explain how we make it.

I get paid weekly and shop at Super Wal-Mart weekly. Their prices are much cheaper than other grocery stores and the store brand is really good. The store brand is always cheaper than using coupons on name brands.

I make sure we keep staples on hand such as bread, milk, canned soup, canned beef stew, rice, $1.00 a box pancake mix (from Dollar General)and $1.00 syrup (these two items make at least 8 meals), one package of meat at all times (usually ground turkey - it's cheap and good), orange juice, coffee, sugar, tea, popcorn, crackers, and cheese. We usually do not buy soft drinks or junk food.

We both work full time and neither of us feel like standing and cooking for an hour so we buy quick foods.

We really only spend $80.00 a month on groceries. We live in the South so the food prices might differ some. We don't eat fancy, but we always have food. For some variation, we have blueberry pancakes (picked by us and frozen). On occasion, I will buy a frozen pizza and cereals.

It takes a lot of will power not to pick up so many yummy junk food items and convenience foods. Dollar General also has good deals on food, but be careful because Wal-Mart is cheaper on most items.

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