Things are not always as they seem

Mar 23, 2000

I took home pregnancy tests with three of my four children. You ladies know the bit, you miss your cycle and then your journey begins. With my first I had taken a home pregnancy test right at around 2-3 weeks after my missed cycle, I had heard that that was the best time to do this. It came up negative, I was disappointed. So, I waited another week and took another one, it too came up negative. Hmmmm. Well, I had had enough of these home tests and decided to go to the clinic lab where my father-in-law was head of and have him do a test. He did the blood test and it came up positive. I don't know why the home tests kept coming up negative. I think back then, almost 12 years ago, home pregnancy tests were not as well made as they are today. And doing a urine test might not show your pregnant even though you truly are because it takes longer for the pregnancy hormone to "show" up in your urine than it does for it to show up in your bloodstream. As far as I know, the urine tests done are supposed to be just as accurate as a blood test.

Have you ever gone into your clinic's lab for a pregnancy test and had it come up positive, only to find out a few weeks later that it was a negative positive. It happened to me. Back in Sept. of 1998. I still don't know why this happened. But I can say that I was not a very happy person knowing that the lab somehow screwed up my results. Here I was thinking I was pregnant. The only explanation the doctor had for me was that my test result must have been mixed up with another. Hmmmm. So, I was thinking to myself, if I had been running around thinking and acting like I was pregnant when I really wasn't, then that meant that someone else was possibly running around thinking they were not pregnant when they really were.

I never really held much stock in home pregnancy tests, when mine came up positive, I would assume I was pregnant....but I would not get my hopes up until it was confirmed by a doctor or a lab test. Then again, after what happened to me, I have to wonder.

I did however, get pregnant with my daughter shortly after my lab test experience. This time they did a pregnancy test in which they can see how much of the pregnancy hormone (HCG) is in your body. There are two tests, that I know of, that labs do. One is a simple pregnancy test that just shows if your pregnant or not. The other one is the HCG level, the one they did on me. The doctor might want to do this test for multiple reasons. What prompted the doctor to do this thorough test on me was my history with pregnancies and the fact that I was spotting. By determining the level of the HCG at that particular time in your pregnancy the doctor can tell if there will be any problems. For me, there was a problem, but thing's aren't always as they seem. Don't be discouraged if your doctor tells you that your HCG level is too low for that time in your pregnancy. They told me that my pregnancy was going to end in miscarriage. Further testing revealed that I had some sort of cyst that was masking my HCG level. My pregnancy went full term and now I have a very happy, healthy, very energetic almost 8-month old.

Always follow-up a home pregnancy test by going to the lab and getting it done there. Unless you are about 4-5 months pregnant by then, doctors don't normally take the word of a home pregnancy test. And even then they will have you do a pregnancy test there anyways to place in your records.

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