Homemade Childrens Keepsake Handprint Plaques

Nov 12, 2000

Preheat oven to:
300 degrees

Items that you will need:

1.5 cups of Salt
1.5 cups of flour
cup of water
Paint (acrylic works best) or food coloring
Ribbon or Yarn
Pen or Pencil
Piece of cardboard or thick paper
A large bowl
A butter knife
Greased cookie sheet (instead of grease you can also use corn meal)

Place your measured flour in a large cooking bowl, and add the salt. Add in the water to thicken the salt and flour to the consistency of bread dough.(if you do not have paint add in food coloring for the color of plaque you would like) Knead with your hands for 2 minutes. Flatten the dough onto your counter and mold into a shape that you desire. Place this shape on the greased cookie sheet. This will be the shape of your plaque. Get your child or grandchild to push their hand into the shaped dough making an indented handprint into plaque. Poke a hole in the top middle portion of the plaque with a pen or a pencil. Place the cookie sheet in your preheated oven for 2 hours or in till the plaque is Harden. Once your plaque is harden and cooled you can paint it. After you have painted your plaque tie a ribbon or yarn in the hole that you made.

This is a great ideal for gifts from kids to grandparents or their parents! My children has theirs hanging on their bedroom wall! They are absolutely adorable!

If you have any questions remember my profile page has my email address ;0)!

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