Good Riddance Binkie!

Jan 14, 2000

Well, I dreaded the moment, but the minute I could see my 11 month old's top front teeth being affected I knew I had to get rid of the binkie. My advice to anyone contemplating it is to do it as early/young as possible. I should have done it at 6 months when she wasn't so attached to it, but I was lazy. Then I wanted to wait till after our plane ride to Disney (22 mos), then it was after Christmas (don't want the relatives to think she's a crybaby..) and so on. One excuse after another. The older they get, the harder it is to take away.

My advice to you is take it away cold turkey! It worked for me. I just warned her a week in advance. It happened to be around New Years so I told her Baby New Year was coming to take her binky away because he needed it more than she did. She accepted that! I did try to wean her away a little though. I stopped letting her have it in the daytime, except for naps. Then I stopped letting her have it in the car.

Make sure you REMOVE all binkies/pacifiers from sight. Seeing it will have her ask for it. Also, since you may also say the binky fairy is coming to take the binky away. You can then leave a small toy in exchange. (Kind of like a tooth fairy).. I know it would be quite the coincidence if everyone reading this was doing it on New Year's like me!!!

She woke up 2 or 3 times each night for about a week. And that was it. I would go in, and reassure her, and she would go right back to sleep.

It was hard, for this is her first real loss. From what I read, her secondary teeth will not be affected.

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