May 24, 2000 (Updated May 25, 2000)

What is the best act of discipline? Is it a spanking grounding, sending a child to his or hers bedroom, sending a child to bed without dinner, having timeouts which one of these is the best for our children today. The answer lies in your head not mine.
For me the best thing I could do for my children is discipline them with love. I believe I am too harsh sometimes with my children and have to remember that they are just babies. If an adult made you mad at work because that person broke the rules would you hit or beat that person, no then why hurt your kids. I have come to realize that spanking is not the answer to discipline my children.
At times there will be spankings but not on a regular basis. My daughter responds better to my counting to five and sending her to her room than she did to any spankings I gave her. By the by a spanking to me is like swatting a mosquito. Like lovebygod7 said you can never take back a spanking. In my opinion love is the best discipline you could give your children, in everything you do, do it in love.
Talk to your children learn to know their behavior patterns, learn their mood swings and learn their mind like you would with some one you are in love with. I notice now that when my child is lacking attention she will miss behave on purpose, most of the time all the children want is love and attention. My wife has helped me dearly in learning this. Kids evolve around their home and parents, and we as parents should evolve around them.
Love will create a smooth happy relationship with your children and will let you know the best way to discipline them. Love them the way you want them to love you!
Yol Bolsun!

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