Back to basics

Apr 13, 2000

We own a small business and are tired of putting up with spoiled children and overly permissive parents. I am tired of the parent telling the child in a sweet voice "Honey, don't do that". While raising my children, I spoke in a firm voice and gave their little behinds a swat to let them know this was unacceptable. Nine times out of ten the firm voice did it.

We never allowed our children to scream and cry in public places as we removed them immediately. I see so many parents in restaurants who just ignore the child rather than taking them out. When asked if we desire smoking or non-smoking in a restaurant anymore, we just ask for the no kids section. It is unbelievable to me the parents who allow their children to disrupt a nice meal for the other patrons.

I really think that we need to get back to some good old-fashioned discipline. A swat on the behind never hurt anyone. It is true that some children are abused but now we have gone overboard. There is a big difference between discipline and abuse. If this trend continues, I hate to see what the next generation will be like.

I see how parents are letting their kids go to school and I shudder. There is no way I would have let my children dress like that. Of course, we have a lot of the teachers dressing the same way so where is the good example. I think we need to have a dress code and get back to the students addressing the teachers as Mr., Mrs. or Miss instead of pet names. When you dress like ladies and gentlemen you get respect!! My father retired from teaching after 45 years as he said the schools had gotten too lax and the parents the same way. We need to have respect and more discipline.

Perhaps, if there were more working fathers and less working mothers in the homes or vice-versa there would be more family life. Kids these days need to have some more family values. Our kids brought home their friends for dinner all through high school as these friends were from broken homes or both parents working and everyone ate at all different times. We sat at a table that had a tablecloth and always had plenty to eat. I never knew how many were coming for dinner but just made plenty. These kids are now grown with children of their own and they still pop in and out and they are instilling our values in their own families now. I feel very proud of these kids as none of them got into any trouble and they valued the times that we spent sitting around the dinner table discussing everything and I do mean everything!

As you can see, I think the times that have changed need to change back to a little more of the basics that include discipline, respect and family values. Then, we can all breathe a sigh of relief about what the next generation holds for all of us.

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