all day sickness

Sep 18, 2000

I am one of those people unfortunately had morning sickness with my last pregnancy. I did not go threw this with my girls. Every morning for the first couple of week I would wake up and just feel like I was going to throw up.

I would look at certain foods and they would make me feel sick. This is called morning sickness. I didn't realize until a was a couple of months pregnant of this system that just seemed to work.

A friend of mine told me she had real bad morning sickness and her mother told her to try this. So here it goes I am going to tell you. Keep in mind this was not recommended by a doctor or told to me by any professional but, it worked for my friend and me.

Before you even lift your head of the pillow chew on some saltine crackers. Just lay down until you feel the nausea going away. Then begin to sit up slowly and start eating somemore crackers till the feeling of nausea goes away completely. Another good thing was to sip on ginger ale this was told to me by one of the nurses. I loved ginger ale when I was pregnant. I hope this works for you. Remember this is a wise tail but it worked for me.

Definition of Morning Sickness-nausea, vomiting, ect.affecting many women early in pregnancy,occuring usually in the morning.

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